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Hand Sanitizer



Description: With the onset of flu season, The Chemistry Store has made available unscented hand sanitizer in gallon quantities. Hand sanitizer promotes hand hygiene by killing most common germs without the need for soap and water. Moisturizers and Vitamin E leave hands feeling soft and refreshed. This is an excellent addition to your line of products at craft shows as well as personal use. You can add your favorite fragrance or essential oil at a 1% level by weight. Alcohol Content 62%

Shipping Info: Shipping UPS Ground Only. No shipments to California or outside the continental United States.

For quantities of 55 Gallons, we will contact you with a shipping quote prior to processing your order.

INCI: SDA 40B Alcohol (190 Proof), Deionized Water, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Isopropyl Myrisatate, TEA, Vitamin E


Total Product Price:   

Hand Sanitizer 1 Gallon

($ 14.50) (Out of Stock)

Hand Sanitizer 3-1 Gallon

($ 41.00) (Out of Stock)

Hand Sanitizer 55 Gallon Drum

($ 600.00) (Out of Stock)

1 - Gallon Bottle Dispensing Pump

($ 3.50)

10-1oz PET Tapered Oval Disp Cap

($ 2.50)

50-1oz PET Tapered Oval Disp Cap

($ 11.50)

100-1oz PET Tapered Oval Disp Cap

($ 21.00)

500-1oz PET Tapered Oval Disp Cap

($ 95.00)