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Crafting Library

Welcome to The Chemistry Stores Crafting Library. We are growing our product lines and felt the need to provide for you the crafter, ideas, techniques, tutorials and working recipes that help you produce exciting new products.  Here are some exciting ideas!

Easy Lotion Tutorial Organic Coconut & Olive Oil Shampoo & Body Wash Tutorial Chemsoft Conditioner Base
Emulsifier Tutorial  Cyclomethicone Tutorial 


New Sensations Body Butter Emulsifier Tutorial Cyclomethicone Tutorial

Body Wash Tutorial

 Liquid Crystal Concentrate Tutorial Lotion Base CM Tutorial                

 Liquid Crystal Concentrate Tutorial

 Lotion Base CM Tutorial

Lip Balm Base
Processing Instructions

Precision Soap Mold Tutorial 

Precision Soap Cutter 

Hair Conditioner Base
Precision Soap Mold Tutorial

Precision Soap Cutter

Hair Conditioner Base

Coffee Soap Tutorial