Vanilla Neutralizer


Description: Vanilla Neutralizer is a product that is added to your Melt & Pour Soap to keep vanilla based fragrances from turning the soap brown. Vanilla Neutralizer has no harsh odors and is crystal clear. Add at a maximum rate of 1oz per pound. Your fragrance load can be 2% which is 9 grams of fragrance per pound of soap.

INCI: Fragrance

Flashpoint: >300

Phthalate-Free: Yes

Total Product Price:   

1-Quart Vanilla Neutralizer


1Gallon Vanilla Neutralizer


5Gallon Vanilla Neutralizer



Product Rating: 4/5
Submitted by: Lori
Date of Review: 2013-10-18 21:59:20
Pros: This does work on melt and pour bases.
Cons: It doesn't work with cp soap
Other thoughts: I wish it did work on cp soap and mp soap