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Stainless Soap Melter (Water Jacketed)

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This Stainless Steel Soap Melter is a double boiler measuring 23" high and 19" in diameter. This tank holds about 15 gallons of liquid and comes equipped with 1" flange. It is supplied with a cover, ball valve, an electric 110-volt immersion heater, adjustable thermostat, thermometer and a water reservoir. This is the perfect addition to your soap making operation.

  • Designed to melt and heat Melt & Pour Soap from 60-200° F 
  • The thermostatic controls and double boiler style provides the most even heating possible and no "hot spots."
  • Water jacket melting tanks with our immersion heaters are virtually 100% energy efficient since they transmit all their heat within the liquid itself and maintain a constant temperature.
  • Constructed of a high-grade stainless steel while maintaining excellent appearance with no rust, chipping or flaking and prevents rusting and chipping.
  • Double walled melting tanks are strong and safe with a large filling area with a 1 inch (2.54 cm) male pipe thread dispensing outlet and a 1 inch (2.54 cm) female threaded ball valve.
  • Intelligent, practical design allows you to quickly and easily insert replacement heating elements for efficient onsite repair.
  • Weight & Mass Capacity: Approximately 120lb (54.43kg) capacity.
  • Volume: 15 Gallons (56.78L)
  • Dimensions: Inner Diameter = W 16 3/8" X H 17"  Outer Diameter= W 19" X H 23"
  • Melter Weight: 72lbs
  • Soap Never touches Heating Element.
  • 1500Watt heating element.
  • 4 ft. capillary tube connected to thermostat.

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