Sepigel 305 Thickner


Description: Sepigel 305™ is a polyacrylamide based emulsion and rheology modifier that allows you to create oil free emulsions as well as fast and easy O/W lotions, creams and even thick body butter bases. Sepigel 305 is a very similar type of emulsion system used in nationally popular anti-acne products. Sepigel 305 can create light, oil free, fast breaking lotions and skincare treatments for sensitive skin types, or light lotions used as a carrier for other actives. Sepigel 305 is truly a fantasic cream and lotion making tool for specialized needs, or even to create low cost O/W and W/O lotion formulations. Sepigel 305 at 2% usage creates perfect lotion viscosity, 3% creates thicker creams, and 5% usage facilitates luxurious, non greasy body butter product creation. Sepigel 305 acts as a thickening and emulsifying agent, which comes in a liquid, very easy to handle form. Sepigel 305 contributes a luxurious, high end velvety feel to your formulations. Sepigel 305 requires neither premixing, nor high rate of shear, nor neutralization. Sepigel 305 can be used to emulsify all types of oil phases without heating (completely cold process, thereby preserving the benefits of fragile actives, vitamins, and botanical extracts), producing gel-creams with a rich, silky texture that are easy to apply and rapidly absorbed by the skin. Sepigel 305 will emulsify dimethicone, cyclomethicone, PEG-8, IPM, and even high levels of glycerin. Sepigel 305 will emulsify anhydrous liquids such as acetone (gelled nail polish remover), alcohols (creating gelled cologne aftershaves and lady's after shave leg moisturizers), and glycerin (for gentle lubrication gels). Sepigel 305 also allows for formulating over a broad pH spectrum. Sepigel 305 is very easy to use, just simply add to your normal lotion or cream formulation after mixing oil and water phases to modify stability and enhance the rheology (texture) of your own formulations.

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Product Rating: 5/5
Submitted by: Lori
Date of Review: 2013-10-18 21:58:01
Pros: This makes a really nice emulsifier for facial products. It has a non greasy feel and absorbs quickly into skin making for less time between cream and makeup application
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