Grape Seed Oil



Description: Grape Seed Oil - Refined

Grape Seed Oil is a polyunsaturated oil that is rich in linoleic acid. It is obtained from the seeds of Vitis Vinifera (Grapes) which contains about 12 percent of a drying oil which has excellent skin spread ability and penetrating qualities. The oil is obtained by cold expression. It contains the highest amounts of linoleic acid among any oil or food source. Linoleic is an essential fatty acid, which means that we must consume it in our diet since our bodies cannot produce it; It is a necessity for many functions that maintain normal cell growth throughout our body. Linoleic acid is also the most potent fatty acid at reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. May be used in cosmetics, toiletries, bar soaps, massage oils and sun care products.

NaOH Sap value: .1350
KOH SAP value: .1910


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16oz Grape Seed Oil


32oz (2lbs) Grape Seed Oil


128oz (7.5lbs) Grape Seed Oil


5 gallons (36.5lbs) Grape Seed Oil


55 gallons (440lbs) Grape Seed Oil