Lotion Push Up Tubes


Description: Our Lotion Push Up Tubes hold 1 oz of solid product, making them the perfect container for solid lotion, deodorant, or sunscreen. The clear plastic shows off your product and takes hot oils well, and the push up format is easy to use.


Height: 3"

Diameter: 1.75"

Label Height: 1.38"



Total Product Price:   

10-1oz Lotion Push Up Tubes


100-1oz Lotion Push Up Tubes


520-1oz Lotion Push Up Tubes



Product Rating: 5/5
Submitted by: Ann
Date of Review: 2015-03-30 12:12:31
Pros: Very easy to use instead of turning the knob. Great to use for lotion bars and deodorant! Great price.
Other thoughts:

Product Rating: 4/5
Submitted by: Angelic Soaps
Date of Review: 2014-02-03 13:02:57
Pros: You have to push up a little at a time and the cover leaves room for pushing up too much. Takes the hot oils perfectly without cracking the plastic. Easy to use, no mess.
Cons: the tubes should have a knob to turn instead of push up
Other thoughts: I love it.