Sodium Lauryl Sulfate




Synonyms: Sodium dodecyl sulfate, Dodecyl sodium sulfate, SLS, Lauryl Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Laurylsulfate, Sulfuric acid monododecyl ester sodium salt.

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Description: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is useful in a wide variety of personal care applications in which viscosity building and foam characteristics are of importance. Because of its low salt content, this product is particularly useful in formulations that are sensitive to high levels of sodium chloride. It is compatible with alkanolamides and amphoterics so that maximum optimization of foam and viscosity characteristics can be reached in the finished product. It can be incorporated into shampoos, handsoaps, bath products, shaving creams and medicated ointments. It is especially useful for opaque, pearlescent, or cream products.

  • Cas #: 151-21-3
    C12H25NaO4S 238.38
  • Shipping Info: Not Regulated
  • Appearance: Liquid Form
  • Country of Origin: USA
    Grade: Tech

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