Sodium Laureth Sulfate
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Sodium Laureth Sulfate

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Used in shampoos and bath products. Excellent foamer regardless of water hardness. Sodium laureth sulfate has low skin irritation properties making it suitable for mild cleansing as well as baby products. Scouring, leveling, coupling and foaming agent for textile applications.

SLES is a sodium lauryl ether sulfate derived from fatty alcohols, ethoxylated to an average of two moles, and sulfated via Stepan's continuous SO3 process. The consistent, high purity product made possible by this continuous sulfation process will afford excellent reproducibility in STEOL CS-230 based formulas. STEOL CS-230 provides improved mildness over sodium lauryl sulfate without sacrificing critical performance attributes, such as foaming and viscosity response. Its low irritation properties allow it to be used for mild cleansing products, as well as, baby products. STEOL CS-230 can be formulated into shampoos, bath products, and hand soaps, offering the required physical properties and performance attributes. Products based on STEOL CS-230 can be thickened with salts, betaines, or amides, with the latter two also serving to enrich the foam. A variety of performance and physical attributes can be obtained simply by adjusting the amount of additive incorporated into a formula. Since STEOL CS-230 is compatible with commonly used opacifying and pearlizing agents, the formulator is afforded flexibility in developing the desired product appearance.

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Sodium lauryl ether sulfate SLES, Steol CS-230, Sodium polyoxyethylene monoalkyl ether sulfate; Sodium laureth sulfate; Polyethylene glycol, mono(hydrogen sulfate), dodecyl ether, sodium salt; Poly(oxyethylene) lauryl ether sulfate sodium salt; Sodium polyethoxyethyl dodecylsulfate; Dodecyl alcohol, monoether with polyethylene glycol, hydrogen sulfate sodium salt; Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), alpha-sulfo-omega-(dodecyloxy)-, sodium salt.
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