Methyl Salicylate





Description: Methyl Salicylate or Oil of Wintergreen is a counterirritant, local anesthetic, disinfected, ultraviolet absorber and odorant. It is often used in perfumes, toothpaste, tooth powder, mouthwash, and sunburn lotions.

Synonyms: Betula oil; Panalgesic; o-hydroxybenzoic acid methyl ester; betula; gaultheria oil; methyl o-hydroxybenzoate; oil of wintergreen; sweet birch oil; teaberry oil; wintergreen oil; analgit; exagien; flucarmit; 2-(methoxycarbonyl)phenol; anthrapole nd; 2-carbomethoxyphenol; Methyl hydroxybenzoate; Linsal; Metsal Liniment.

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  • Cas #: 119-36-8

    C8H803 152.15
  • Shipping Info: Not Regulated
  • Appearance: Liquid Form
  • Country of Origin: USA
    Grade: Tech

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