24/410 Black Saddle Pump


Description: Black in color, fine ribbed, locking ring lotion pump with 24/410 finish. This pump is great for lotions and creams and fits a wide variety of bottles.

Dip Tube: 7.5"
Each Stroke Delivers: 2cc 
Fits: 8oz PET Bullet Bottles (Clear & Cobalt Blue), 8oz PET Boston Rounds (Clear & Cobalt Blue), 
8oz PET Reverse Tapered Oval, 8oz PET Cosmo Oval and 16oz PET Boston Round Bottles.

Total Product Price:   

1-24/410 Black Saddle Lotion


50-24/410 Black Saddle Lotion


100-24/410 Black Saddle Lotion


1000-24/410 Black Saddle Lotion