Precision Economy Soap Cutter
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Precision Economy Soap Cutter

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The Precision Economy Soap Loaf Cutter is made to slice your loaf soaps to either 1" or 1 1/4". By simply adjusting the front cutter fence, you can change the thickness of your slices in seconds. The blade travels in a machined slot to assure even straight cuts. Constructed of HDPE with a stainless steel blade.

Soap Loaf Cutter Dimensions:
  • Loaf Chamber Length:15"
  • Loaf Chamber Width:  5.5"
  • Loaf Chamber Height: 3.5"

$39.99 / Each
Rating:2 of 5 - Poor
Pros:easy to clean
Cons:I can't get straight cuts with this cutter. The guide for the blade gives it too much room to wiggle around, so my soaps are always cut at a slight angle. No matter what I do, they are wider at the bottom, because as I press down the blade, it inevitably starts leaning. Been trying for months, and have even had 2 employees give it a try in case I was just missing something. I also can't figure out how to adjust the front cutter fence to make 1 1/1 inch cuts, it seems like it is glued down. I love TCS, and this is the first product I have ever had an issue with.

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