Professional Soap Molds

A new line of tough, long lasting Professional grade Molds are here!! Get them now!! These molds are made from a 100% recyclable 750 micron APET plastic. This plastic enables the molds to be extremely durable, reusable, and they can withstand temperatures up to 76c/170f the perfect temperature for Melt & Pour Soap.
These Professional Molds are indeed superior to other molds you are most likely currently using. They are designed with four cavities, with each cavity holding 4.5oz of soap with an air gap of 1.5mm to avoid spillage when handling. Each mold uses 1lb of Melt & Pour soap.
Larger than most other molds these professional Molds all start out with a smooth base. The customized molds support a design that has a greater relief than most other molds. With the design protruding out further from the base, these molds allow for more creativity when adding color. The molds you create can be more detailed than ever before!
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