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Lotion Base Sample Kit

Lotion Base Sample Kit

Finally, a great base product for your creams, lotions, body milks and mist. And this lotion base has been developed using a different technology, so it's easy to use to create your recipes. Most lotion bases are pre-blends of water, oil, and emulsifying wax. Using emulsifying wax requires that the formula be heated to melt the wax and create the O/W bond. Those lotion bases tend to have a wax-like feel due to the emulsifying wax and often create drag on the skin and pilling after a second application. The viscosity (thickness) in your final product is adjusted by the amount of water and additives you include in your final formulation (which might mean a lot of tweaking!).

Lotion Base CM is a totally cold process product because it does not contain waxes which need to be melted. The lotion base kit consists of two products: Lotion Base CM - a water-thin cream base and, Polymer SP - a cosmetic grade thickener, which has been pre-mixed with an emulsifier. No wax or alcohol!

Your product is simply made by mixing 10% Lotion Base CM with 90% water (Distilled), which makes for a very cost effective formulation. After these two ingredients are blended, you can add up to 5% vegetable oils. Next, the thickener concentrate, Polymer SP, is added to your blended lotion base at levels of 3% - 9% to achieve a viscosity from very thin, like a body mist, to very thick, like a night cream. Finally, incorporate your preservatives, color and fragrance. You’ve got a finished product in three easy steps!

Lotion Base Sample Kit Contains:
  • 1qt lotion base
  • 16oz Polymer Thickener
  • 16oz Sweet Almond Oil
  • 4oz Germaben II Preservative
This kit will make up to 2.5 gallons of lotion.
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