Jeffcool P200
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Jeffcool P200

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JEFFCOOL® P200 is USP grade propylene glycol-based industrial coolant and heat transfer fluid containing corrosion inhibitors and antifoam. JEFFCOOL® P200 should be diluted with deionized water to between 30% and 70% by volume depending on the desired freeze point.

JEFFCOOL® P200 heat transfer fluid is intended for use in systems where contact with food or potable water is possible. JEFFCOOL® P200 is a heat transfer agent defined by the USDA as acceptable for use in systems such as spray and immersion freezing of packaged food, for cooling batches of beer in breweries and wine in wineries, as a cooling agent in food and dairy product processing, as a heat transfer fluid for snow melting systems, and as a coolant for ice rinks and air conditioning systems (HVAC). The inhibitor package in JEFFCOOL® P200 is designed to protect all common metals used in industrial equipment including cast iron and steel up to 300°F and aluminum up to 190°F. JEFFCOOL® P200 is certified OU Kosher-Pareve.

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Property Specifications Test Method*
Appearance Slightly hazy and free of suspended solids ST-30.1
Freeze Point, 50 vol% solution ASTM D3321
     °C -32 max.
     °F -25 max.
pH, 33 vol% solution 9.5 – 10.5 ASTM D1287
Reserve Alkalinity, mL 0.1 N HCl, 10.5 – 13.0 ASTM D1121
     10 mL sample
Specific Gravity, 60/60°F 1.05 – 1.06 ASTM D1122
Water, wt% 2.5 max. ASTM D1123
*Methods of Test are available from Huntsman Corporation upon request.

Typical Properties
Flash point, COC, °C (°F)
Boiling point, °C (°F)
Melting/Freezing point, °C (°F)
Density, lb/US gal, 60°F
Viscosity, cSt, 20°C (68°F)
Water solubility (%)
100 (212)
187 (368)
<0 (<-32)
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