Unscented Blend 213 Concentrate
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Unscented Blend 213 Concentrate

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Blend 213 is a fragrance free concentrated base for bath products, shampoos and bubble baths that are formulated to yield a high viscosity at a low use level. Viscosities as high as 12,000 cps may be achieved with a 20% dilution. Adding Qpearl at a level of 5-10% will create a luxurious pearlized bath gel. Adding our Conditioning Additive at up to 5% will leave a luxurious conditioned feel to hair and skin.

INCI: Sodium Laureth Sulfate & Cocamidopropyl Betaine & Cocamide DEA & PEG-150 Distearate

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We suggest always starting with a sterilized metal or glass bowl with metal measuring and mixing tools. Make sure counter space is cleaned and wiped with a light solution of bleach in water.

An electronic scale is required to measure components. Choose the batch size you wish to make from the table below. Set the scale for either ounce or gram measurements. Measure your ingredients in the quantities listed in either ounces or grams.

Remember, all measurements are listed by weight NOT fluid ounces.
Ingredients: 50oz Batch 100oz Batch
  Oz  Gram   Oz  Gram
Blend 213 15 420 30 840
Fragrance or Essential Oil .23 6.5 .46 13
Distilled Water 34.5 966 69 1932
Perservative .43 12 .86 24
Salt 1 28 2 56

Mix these products in the order listed one at a time and stir completely after each product is added. After adding the salt, mix together for 2-3 minutes using gentle agitation with mixing spoon.

Product will produce copious amounts of dense, creamy lather that rinse away easily and completely By adjusting the quantity of Blend 213 with the conditioning additive and liquid pearl at various percentages, several different products can be produced; each having different characteristics and levels of cost effectiveness.

Salt should be added to the amount shown in the table above. (As required)

If you wish to add a conditioning additive, color, or Q-Pearl, add after the preservative. Once your additives are fully mixed, add salt to thicken the formula. Adjust pH if required.

** To add salt as a solution, dissolve 1 part salt to 2 parts hot water. Parts are determined by weight, (example: 1oz/28 gm salt to 2oz/56gm water. Add this mixture a little at a time to increase viscosity. Trials will be needed to establish the correct amount to add. Normal usage levels are 5-6% of the total formulation weight

* Do not add too much salt solution or the product will turn cloudy!

Blend 213 is not designed to be used undiluted. It should be diluted as per our guidelines; undiluted form may cause skin irritation.

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