White No Sweat Melt and Pour Soap Base
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White No Sweat Melt and Pour Soap Base

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Crystal White NS - No Sweat is a vegetable based melt and pour soap base, specifically formulated for regions and areas of high humidity, used for the manufacture of transparent soap bars. Crystal soap bases are ideal for manufacturers, brands and home hobbyists. Simply Melt, Mix, Pour, Create.

Product Characteristics

  • Specifically formulated for humid conditions
  • Ideal for the manufacture of ‘naked’ unwrapped soap bars
  • Fantastic transparency enables bright colours
  • Good foaming performance
  • Superior colour stability
  • Neutral odour provides excellent fragrance lift
  • Suitable for slicing or moulding
INCI List:
  • Aqua
  • Sorbitol
  • Sodium Stearate
  • Sucrose
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Sodium Laurate
  • Glycerin
  • Sodium Myristate
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Stearic Acid
  • Lauric Acid
  • Pentasodium Pentetate
  • Tetrasodium Etidronate

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Instructions for handling, molding and processing the Melt and Pour Soap base:

There are two ways to melt the soap base:
  • Microwave oven
  • A jacketed hot water bath ideally with thermostatic control (like the soup small heating kettles in restaurants.)

Note: For simplicity you can use a double boiler pan with hot water in between. Instructions for double boiler are similar to microwave.

Microwave Instructions
  1. Thinly slice or grate the soap base for ease of melting.
  2. Place the soap in a Pyrex cup and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds (For half a pound)
  3. Remove and stir slightly.
  4. Continue to microwave for another 30 seconds.
  5. Add soap colorant and stir until blended (soap colorant should be minimal).
  6. Add soap fragrance to the desired level, and stir gently and thoroughly
  7. Pour soap into soap molds. Let cool and harden before popping out of the moulds.
  8. For fast set allows the soap to cool for 10 minutes, then cover in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator (not the Freezer) until set.
  9. Wipe and clean the microwave.

Things to beware and ensure in processing the Melt and Pour Soap base:
  1. Never allow the soap to boil. Boiling might denature the color and cause a yellowish hue.
  2. Children require adult supervision, and should not handle alone the hot and melted soap.
  3. Ideally the soap temp. Prior to pouring should be between 55-60 Celsius. In other words you can put your finger in the soap and it shouldn't burn.
  4. Do not over stir when mixing colors and fragrances. But if this happens allow 10 minutes of settling for the release of air bubbles. Air bubbles if tapped in the mould will spoil the transparency
  5. Always pour on a leveled surface.
  6. When placing an insert or an object in the soap. Pour the first layer and let cool. Insert the object. And when pouring the second layer it has to be higher in temperature up to 70 degrees Celsius. Otherwise separation of the two layers might occur.
  7. Avoid diluting the soap with water or any other chemical. The only exception to this is to add a maximum of 5% glycerin should you need a softer or more transparent soap.
  8. Avoid contact of soap with eyes.

Note: This information contained herein is offered only as a guide to the handling of this specific material and had been prepared in good faith by technically knowledgeable personnel. It is not intended to be all-inclusive and the manner, conditions and handling may involve other and additional considerations. No warranty of any kind is given or implied and The Chemistry Store.com Inc. will not be liable for any damages, losses, injuries or consequential damages which may result from the use or reliance on any information contained herein. 
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