Patchouli Essential Oil
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Patchouli Essential Oil

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Patchouli is one of the few oils that improves with age. Patchouli can help to relieve stress related ailments such as insomnia, headaches, anxiety and depression.

Main Constituents: Patchoullol
Botanical Name: Pogostemon Cablin
Plant Part: Leaves
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Origin: Indonesia
Common Uses: The oil's earthy fragrance, which is often used as a perfume, can help keep in touch with the physical self.  Patchouli helps stimulate the mind by focusing thoughts and improving concentration.
Color: Golden orange to dark reddish brown viscous liquid
Flashpoint: 93.3C/199F
Product Code:  50-6210-01
Note: Base
Strength of Aroma: Medium
Blends well with: Sandalwood, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Rose, Orange, Cassia, Myrrh and Opoponax
Aromatic Scent: Patchouli has a earthy aroma with fresh fruit - like tones.
History: Patchouli has been infused into nearly every shipment of woven material coming out of India since trade began. Consumers even avoided imitation Indian wares that didnt have that Patchouli scent, because they "didnt smell right"
Cautions: None Known
IMPORTANT: All of our products are for external use only.

In addition, please read & understand appropriate technical, safety data sheets and disclaimers before using this.

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