Citronella, Java Essential Oil
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Citronella, Java Essential Oil

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Java Citronella is an essential oil obtained from the leaves and stems of the cymbopogon plant commonly known as lemongrass. The two active ingredients in citronella, geraniol and citronellol, are both antiseptics having multiple uses in disinfectants, soaps, perfumes, and insect repellants.

Main Constituents: Citronellal
Botanical Name: Cymbopogon winterianus
Plant Part: Leaves
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Origin: Indonesia
Common Uses: Java Citronella is famous in Bintan, Indonesia for its use in aroma therapy.  Having a sweet, floral aroma, this oil blends well with lavender and tea tree.
Color: Clear light yellow to brownish liquid
Flashpoint: 85C/185F
Product Code:  50-6085-02
Note: Top
Strength of Aroma: Medium
Blends well with: Bergamot, Orange, Cedarwood, Geranium, Lemon, Lavender and Pine
Aromatic Scent: Citronella Java Oil has a well rounded lemon citrus scent, though it is much softer than actual Lemon. It also has subtle wood tones.
History: Citronella Essential Oil was one of the world's main insect repellents before the introduction of DDT. Recently it has been indicated that Citronella is once again becoming the product of choice for health-conscious customers.
Cautions: Citronella may irritate sensitive skin. It may be sensitizing to those with hay fever. Avoid use during pregnancy.
IMPORTANT: All of our products are for external use only.
In addition, please read & understand appropriate technical, safety data sheets and disclaimers before using this.

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