Aqua Gel Color
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Aqua Gel Color

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INCI: Glycerin, Green 5
The Aqua Gel Color is a highly concentrated colorant designed to be used with personal care products manufactured by you! Aqua Gel Color is 10 to 15 times more concentrated than our previous colors. In testing we found that 7 to 10 drops per pound produced the maximum color saturation in Clear Melt & Pour Soap.

Each Gel Color has three shades in the product image. The different shades are represented by a letter (W, C, or CP) above each shade. The W represents the color you are most likely to get when using a White Melt & Pour Soap Base. The C represents the color you are most likely to get when using a Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base. The CP represents the color you are most likely to get when using the Cold Process method of making soap. Images represent likely outcome, actual outcome may vary.

= Likely outcome when used in White Melt & Pour Soap Base.
= Likely outcome when used in Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base.
CP = Likely outcome when using Cold Process Method.
Your final color may vary from the swatches above based on fragrance and amount of color used.

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