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Infrared Thermometer

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Stop using an old fashioned Thermometer and risk getting burned or even contaminating your soaps, oils,and lip balm base. Why try to guess the temperature and ruin a batch of soap? Instead use the Infrared Thermometer to get a fast, accurate reading without the risk of injury or contaminating your product. It's simple and easy to use! Make sure the setting is on Fahrenheit or Celsius. Aim the laser at your soap, oil, lip balm base, etc. and squeeze the trigger. The temperature will appear on the digital display instantly. If you are working on multiple batches of soap at the same time, the Infrared Thermometer is perfect! Get the temperature of each batch you are working on instantly just by pointing the laser at your soap and pulling the trigger.

Take accurate temperature readings with this laser-sighted infrared gun-style thermometer. Reads in Celsius or Fahrenheit, with a switch inside the battery compartment to choose between them. There's also a switch to turn on or off the laser sight. Features - Accuracy: ~2 degrees/ 2%, Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1, C/F Selection, Backlight, Response Time: 500ms, Auto Power Shut-Off, Automatic Data Hold, Low Battery Indicator.

Will detect any temperature between -26 to +716F. Great for use when determining the temperature of your soaps as well as any other craft project you are working on.

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