LiquaShea Oil
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LiquaShea Oil

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Ultra Refined (also known as liquid shea butter) is obtained by cold pressing of the fruit seeds of the karite tree, followed by a full refining process. At ambient temperature, shea butter presents itself in the form of a matrix mixture of a crystallized high melting point fraction (stearine) and of a liquid low melting point fraction (olien).

During the fractionation process we separate the liquid oleins from the crystallized stearines. The result is Shea Olein which is further bleached and deodorized for use in higher end cosmetics. LiquaShea - Ultra Refined offers an elegant feel, but also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties due to its natural phytosterol content. Due to its high content of unsaponifiables, LiquaShea - Ultra Refines draws its skin care properties.

NaOH Sap value: .1280
KOH SAP value: .1810
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