Blackstar Green Mica
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Blackstar Green Mica

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Blackstar Green Mica is a natural shimmer pigment derived from the mineral Muscovite Mica (potassium aluminum silicate), coated with iron oxide, cosmetic-grade fineness, permitted exempt color for cosmetic use. Insoluble, but miscible in liquids (sinks to bottom in thin liquids). The family of Blackstar mica colors offer the elegance of black pearls to any color line and are often used as stand alone colors. Blackstar Green Mica is a deep, silky, blackish-green hue with a pearlescent shine and green interference. You may also use any of the Blackstar Mica colors in blends as an alternative to straight black.

Properties: Imparts deep color with shimmering and pearlizing luminescence.
Use & Applications: Suspends best in thick bases and can be blended with other pigments. May be used in all kinds of decorative cosmetics and personal care products to add luster and pearlizing effects.
FDA approved for: Lips, eyes, face, nails.
Use in soap: Stable and non-bleeding.
Warnings: Wash hands after handling.

INCI: Mica, iron oxide

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