Extra Large Square Tray Soap Mold
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Extra Large Square Tray Soap Mold

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Our Extra Large Square Tray Milky Way Soap Mold makes 18 plain square bars of soap. This mold is perfect when using stamps or when you want to show off the natural color of the soap and the extra large size lets you make more soap faster. 

Dimensions: Tray size: 1 3/8" x 8" x 16"
Number of Cavities:
18 cavities, 5.75 pounds of soap
Each bar size: 
1 3/8" x 2 " x 2" 
5 ounces

Milky Way Soap Molds can tolerate temperatures of 135-145 degrees F. Above these temperatures, warping may occur. Soap is easiest to release 12-24 hours after cooling. 

This is a clear plastic Milky Way Soap Mold.
This is not a Silicone Mold

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