Cedarwood, Texas White Essential Oil
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Cedarwood, Texas White Essential Oil

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Cedarwood oil is often used as a healing remedy for skin irritants such as rashes, acne, and oily skin.

Main Constituents: Cedrol and Thujopsenene
Botanical Name: Juniperus Ashei
Plant Part: Wood
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Common Uses:This oil helps control oily hair, dandruff, and hair loss, all the while cleansing the scalp and hair roots. In an aroma lamp, the essential oil is an effective insect repellent like eucalyptus, geranium, cloves, or cypress.
Color: Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Flashpoint: 100C/212F
Product Code: 50-6075-01
Note: Middle
Strength of Aroma: Strong
Blends well with: Rosewood, Berga,pt, Cypress, Cassia, Jasmine, Juniper, Neroli, Labdanum, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Vetiver, Rosemary, Ylang-Ylang
Aromatic Scent: Cedarwood Texas Essential Oil has a sweet wood scent. It is less harsh but similar to Virginian Cedarwood. 
History: The ancient Egyptians prized this oil, mostly for embalming purposes, but also for cosmetics and perfumery, and Solomon's Temple was built with Cedar Wood. In New Mexico the native Indians used Cedarwood Oil for skin rashes, arthritis and rheumatism. Cedar chests have always been used to store woollen articles and protect them from the larvae of clothes moths. Today, numerous herbal and pet shampoos and natural insect repellents contain Cedarwood Oil as an active ingredient.
Cautions: Non-toxic, non-irritant and non sensitizing. Avoid during pregnancy.
IMPORTANT: All of our products are for external use only.
In addition, please read & understand appropriate technical, safety data sheets and disclaimers before using this.

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