Why You Should Use Essential Oils for Your Respiratory System 4/18 – Weekly Roundup

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The Respiratory System!! Why should you use essential oils?

The Respiratory System

Ace it with essential oils

Nose, throat and lung infections are conditions which respond very well to treatment with essential oils.  Inhalation is very effective way of utilizing their properties, for ‘although after arriving in the bronchi the main part will be exhaled directly by the lungs, they cause an increased bronchial secretion which is beneficial for many respiratory ailments’.

By inhalation they are absorbed into the blood circulation even faster than by oral application.  In addition, most essential oils which are absorbed from the stomach are then excreted via the lungs, only a small part in the urine.

Expectorants for catarrh, sinusitis, coughs, bronchitis and more.

You can use essential oils such as eucalyptus, pine, thyme, myrrh, sandalwood and fennel.  You can find easy and helpful recipes here.

Antispasmodics for colic asthma, dry cough, whooping cough and more.soothing chamomile essential oils

You can use essential oils such as hyssop, cypress, Atlas cedarwood, bergamot, chamomile and cajeput.  You can find easy and helpful recipes here.

Balsamic agents for colds, chills and congestion and more.use essential oils for colds and flu

You can use essential oils such as benzion, frankincense, Tolu balsam, Peru balsam and myrrh.  You can find easy and helpful recipes here.

Antiseptics for flu, colds, sore throat, tonsillitis, gingivitis and more.

You can use essential oils such as thyme, sage, eucalyptus, hyssop, pine, cajeput, tea tree and borneol.  You can find easy and helpful recipes here.

(Based on the “The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils” by Julia Lawless)

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