4/25 Weekly Roundup – Top Five Reasons Why Melt & Pour May Be Right For You.

 This week’s roundup will be focused on Stephenson Melt & Pour Soap Bases.

We carry 23 different types.  Each of the products has specific added benefits.  All this week we will be taking a closer look at each of them!  You soap makers definitely don’t want to miss this week!

You can find all of these products which include Liquid Soap Bases and Melt & Pour Soap Bases from Stephenson Personal Care at the Chemistry Store!

Whether you are new to the Soap Making craft or you have been making soap for twenty years, Melt and Pour Soap is worth looking into. We’ve put together a list of just five reasons out of the many that we came up with!

1. It’s simple and easy to do. Yes, sometimes there are things that are too good to be true, but Melt and Pour Soap lives up to its name in that it only requires two steps. Step 1: Melt. Step 2: Pour. It really is that simple! Melt the soap base and pour it into a mold of your choice and you’re done! But we know you’ll probably want to add some color and fragrance too!melt and pour variety types

2. Adding color and fragrance is pretty simple also. I’m partial to the color blue so I recommend Bright Blue, one of our popular Gel Colors. Just determine your level of saturation after you’ve melted the soap base, add the number of drops, stir, and you’ve added color! But why stop there? Add a fragrance. We have a large selection to choose from. To match the color I chose I picked Blueberry Surprise! But how much fragrance do you need? First it’s important to know how large of a batch you plan to make so you know how much fragrance to add. If you are using a recipe follow those directions but a good rule of thumb is 9 grams of fragrance for every pound of soap.

3. It works well with Loaf Molds and Tray Molds. If you’re looking to make several bars at one time, go with a loaf soap mold. Just melt the soap, add any color or fragrance and pour! Experiment with colorful designs in the loaf mold, you’ll be pleased with the outcome! If tray molds are more your style just find a tray with a design you like melt the soap base, add any color or fragrance you choose and pour!colorful square bars of melt & pour

4. Melt & Pour can save you a lot of time! Whether you’re making soap as a business or just a hobby, your time is valuable. Melt & Pour can save you a lot of time! You already know that the process is simple. But it can also be a quick process. You can choose several methods for melting your soap base, such as a crockpot, a soap melter, or a microwave. The ideal method would be to use the soap melter, but a crockpot and microwave are also easy to use. The crockpot is a little slower than the other two methods, but you’ll see less bubbling than the microwave. The microwave is pretty quick but can also cause a lot of bubbling or even boiling. After you’ve poured your soap into the mold, spritz any bubbles that appear on the soap to eliminate them and just wait for it to harden. This doesn’t take as long as it might seem. Melt & Pour soap cools very rapidly, but you also want to make sure you give the soap enough time to cool and harden fully.

5. Easy cleanup. Our Melt & Pour soap bases are great for cleanup also! The boxes have a unique design where it folds down flat so you don’t need to worry about making a mess cutting the correct amount of soap base. The box then folds back up to keep your remaining soap protected and you don’t have to worry about how to store it. You won’t use very much equipment, so you may only need to wash two measuring bowls, a soap mold, and the device you used to melt your soap base.

If you haven’t already, choose any of our Melt & Pour Soap Bases and start making some soap!! Here are some that we recommend Crystal SLES & SLS Free, Crystal Goats Milk, Crystal Ultra Clear, and Crystal Jelly soap Base.

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