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Places to Sell Your Handmade Soap

Beautiful colorful hibiscus for sell

Making handmade bath and beauty products is not just for the holidays!! You can make them for your family and friends or SELL them!!! Perhaps you’re looking to add a secondary income or just to offset the cost of making soaps for personal use. Maybe you’ve been gearing up your production of handmade soaps and… Read more »

A Guide to Making Glitter Soaps

Adding glitter to handmade soaps can put a glamorous and fun touch on a thoughtful gift. The ChemistryStore.com offers a wide range of glitters that can be added to the different types of soap bases already in your supply cabinet. Learn how to make the best use of glitter and create bars of soap that… Read more »

Don’t miss out on the Shampoo Bar market!

Are you missing out on the Shampoo Bar market? While the finished product can resemble the appearance of a typical bar of soap, Shampoo Bar Soap Base is formulated specifically for hair. Many individuals prefer a shampoo bar because so many liquid shampoos are often made with synthetic ingredients. Our Stephenson Crystal SS Shampoo Bar… Read more »

Learn About Our Newest Melt and Pour Products

We carry a variety of Stephenson Personal Care Melt and Pour products. The melt and pour line is ideal for anyone in the craft market because it requires little in the way of specialist equipment keeping your investment minimal. Users of Melt and Pour typically need only to add color and fragrance to achieve outstanding… Read more »