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Places to Sell Your Handmade Soap

Beautiful colorful hibiscus for sell

Making handmade bath and beauty products is not just for the holidays!! You can make them for your family and friends or SELL them!!! Perhaps you’re looking to add a secondary income or just to offset the cost of making soaps for personal use. Maybe you’ve been gearing up your production of handmade soaps and… Read more »

Relieve Dry Skin with Handmade Lotion

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DIY handmade lotion is perfect for healing those dry scaly hands!! During the winter months, many people are plagued with dry, red and itchy skin. The cold winds, frigid temperatures and low humidity levels can all wreak havoc on the health and appearance of skin. Fortunately, the ravages of weather can be overcome by creating… Read more »

Saving Money on Soap Making Supplies

save money on soap making supplies

Are you saving money on your soap making supplies?  Do you know where to get the best deal? Cold Process, Hot Process or Melt & Pour!  We have the best pricing for all your soap making needs! Making handmade soaps does not have to be expensive when it comes to purchasing soap making supplies. Whether… Read more »

Restore Your Lips with Handmade Balm

The dry, cold air of winter combined with wind can wreak havoc on the health and appearance of your lips. Many people experience chapped lips as well as peeling of the skin and cracks that may bleed. This can be a painful and unsightly experience. With handmade lip balms made from ingredients offered by The… Read more »

Creating Signature Soaps and Lotions

With so many creative ingredients and tools, it’s easy for home hobbyists to create soaps and lotions that have a personal signature. From soap products with a romantic appeal or earthy look to those with a more whimsical design, the possibilities are endless. Romance It with Color, Texture and Scent You can use highly concentrated… Read more »

Getting Creative with Homemade Soap Products

Whether you’re a hobbyist or at-home commercial soap maker, there are plenty of ingredients and tools to spruce up your soaps and lotions. From attractive molds and fragrance oils to specialty butters and a wide array of pigments, create soaps and lotions that are effective, smell good and are picture-perfect. Using Natural Butters in the… Read more »