Safety Tips For Your Pets on Memorial Day Weekend!

dog and cat in heart memorial dayMemorial Day weekend is a big travel time!  Keep your family safe as well as your pets!

Memorial Day weekend in a car, truck, SUV, crossover, RV and even boating, remember safety-first, buckle up the whole family. It’s easy to do a pet travel harness, tethers or crates.

55 percent of deaths whether it is a person or a pet are due to not wearing a seat belt!  This is terrible and can be prevented. Always buckle up your family and secure your pets too!

Safety Facts:

  • Wearing a seatbelt costs you nothing but NOT wearing one can cost a life.
  • It has been noted that 98 percent of pets are not secured properly.
  • A 60-pound pet can become a 3000-pound projectile, at just 35mph.
  • Pet travel has increased 300 percent since 2005.
  • Unrestrained pets delay emergency workers’ access to human occupants.
  • Pets escaping post-accident pose many dangers, including having to catch the loose pet.
  • Injured pets may bite first responders and rescue workers.
  • Pets may escape through a window or open door and cause a second accident.
  • Driver distraction is common when unrestrained pets are rambunctious.
  • We all know this one…never leave a child or a pet in a car alone!!!! Hot and cold temperatures can be devastating.


Advice from Pet Safety Lady

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