Places to Sell Your Handmade Soap

Chemistry Store Soap DisplayMaking handmade bath and beauty products is not just for the holidays!!

You can make them for your family and friends or SELL them!!!

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Perhaps you’re looking to add a secondary income or just to offset the cost of making soaps for personal use. Maybe you’ve been gearing up your production of handmade soaps and are looking to make a little more room in your home. Whatever your reason, selling your handmade soaps is a great way to earn some money, get to know people, and expand your customer and product base. When you’re thinking of selling your creations, consider these venues as you enter the marketplace:

sell your handmade soap at school fundraisersSchool Fundraisers

If you have school-age children, chances are that the school will put on many fundraisers throughout the year. Many schools have arts and crafts shows where parents and members of the community can rent a table or donate a portion of their proceeds to the school. These events attract dozens or even hundreds of customers within just a few hours. Most of the time, the fee to set up is nominal or nonexistent. You can usually advertise your wares for free as part of the event promotions or on the school’s PTO page.

sell handmade soap at the farmers marketFarmer’s Markets

Today’s farmer’s markets offer so much more than bushels of apples and quarts of berries. Handmade creations are surging in popularity as market patrons seek out natural and local alternatives to commercially made products. Set up a booth at a farmer’s market to showcase your handmade soaps and related products. To protect your creations, be sure to set up an awning or gazebo-like enclosure to keep the sun from softening or melting the soaps. Be sure to bring flyers or business cards that include your contact information, product list and website.

sell at artisans boutiquesArtisan and Consignment Gift Shops

In many cities, there is an arts district or downtown area that offers small boutique shops, consignment and artisan gift stores where crafters can place their handmade goods for sale. Instead of having to pay rent, find employees or staff a booth for hours a day, you can put your handmade soaps up for sale. The owner or the shop may retain a small percentage of each sale as commission. You may be able to track your sales online so that you can keep inventory at ideal levels and replace hot-selling products so that customers aren’t left out in the cold when they come seeking their favorite handmade soap.

sell handmade soap online storeUse the Technology!

If you are computer savvy you may want to look into an online store! There are plenty of services out there that are easy to use and affordable!

Let your creativity go…!!! Have fun and enjoy!

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