How to Make Linen Spray with Cyclomethicone

Keep your home smelling fresh this holiday season!

With the holidays coming up, you want your home to look and smell great for your guests. But as popular as air fresheners and linen sprays are, do you really know what you’re spraying all over your home? With cyclomethicone and our quick tutorial, it’s easy to make your own great spray in a matter of minutes so you can feel good sharing it with friends and family. This spray feels dry but helps the scent linger, so you can use it on pillows, couch cushions, table clothes, rugs, and anything else you can think of! As a bonus, it can double as a body spray!

Linen Spray Ingredients & Equipment:

How to make DIY linen spray:

1. Pour the cyclomethicone into your bowl or bottles

How much you use depends on how much spray you want to make. No matter what, you’ll use a 1:6 ratio of fragrance to cyclomethicone, so we used 6 oz to keep things simple. You can also use the height of your bottles as a guide. Simply fill your bottles 80% of the way full with cyclomethicone.add holiday fragrance oil

2. Add the fragrance oil

You can use 1 oz of any fragrance oil or even essential oil you like for this recipe, but we used candy cane¬†for a crisp, clean smell that’s still festive. Choose from our holiday fragrances for a great seasonal scent! Depending on which fragrance or essential oil you use, your spray may be slightly cloudy or have a yellowish color. This won’t affect how it works!

If you’re pouring straight into your bottles, just add fragrance to each bottle until the liquid reaches the bottom of the neck. This is an easy way to customize your spray with different fragrances without making large batches!

cyclomethicone diy linen spray

3. Stir or shake to combine

4. Pour into bottles & add sprayers

This batch was enough to fill two 4 oz clear PET bullet bottles almost all the way. You can use any bottle and sprayer combination though, depending on how much spray you want to make! You may want to use a funnel for this step to avoid spilling. If you used your bottles as a measurement guide, just add the sprayers!

5. Enjoy your homemade linen spray!

That’s it! Once bottled your spray is ready to use. Spray it on furniture or carpet throughout your home to bring freshness and the scents of the season to your family and guests!diy linen spray air freshener

-Suzie Soapmaker & The Chemistry Store Team