4/18 – Weekly Roundup Health Benefits of Using Essential Oils

essential oils and fragrances

Guide to the benefits of essential oils!

Do you have stress in your life?

 Do your bones and joints ache?

There is not one person that does not have something that hurts or having some sort of discomfort.  Essential oils are not brand new and have been around forever.  There is a ton of documented information about these wonder healing and soothing oils!  The benefits are amazing!

Scientific and Medical Researchnatural skin care chemistry store article

A growing body of scientific and medical research is showing that essential oils not only promote relaxation, but they also provide many health benefits such as disinfection and reduction in the growth of germs on skin. This is especially important during the winter months when respiratory illnesses such as colds and the flu are widespread across the country. Using essential oils in your liquid soaps can provide many benefits for your customers.

Mercy Medical Center explores the benefits of essential oils

…And now hospitals are looking into the amazing results from using essential oils.  Check this out…

Stress Reduction…no such thing, right?

Many essential oils are used as a type of aromatherapy. When put into liquid soaps, the scent of the oil lingers on the user’s skin. Using oils such as lemon, eucalyptus and patchouli may help your customers enjoy hours of stress reduction each time they wash their hands. Citrus oils including grapefruit, tangerine and sweet orange also have tension-reducing effects.

Combating Illness

Essential oils can help prevent or fight off respiratory illnesses. This is in addition to the direct benefit of hand washing with homemade liquid soap. Eucalyptus is used in Western and Eastern medicine as a treatment for cough, sore throat and respiratory system support. Orange oil can also help combat the flu and supports the circulatory system. Spearmint is well-suited for soaps meant for children as well as adults. It can help fight off illnesses including asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, nausea and vomiting, colds, flu and fevers.

Headache Reliefsuffering headaches and illnesses

The roller coaster of seasonal weather changes can wreak havoc on the sinuses and muscles in the face, producing sinus and tension headaches. Essential oils can help to relieve the pain and pressure caused by sinus blockages, tension and stress. Use liquid soaps containing spearmint oil to help with everyday tension headaches as well as migraines in adults or children. Peppermint oil in liquid soap can also help with migraine and headache relief; peppermint is a more potent reliever of this type of pain.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Low pressure systems known colloquially as “Alberta clippers” often bring about an increase in aches and pains, especially in the joints. This can lead to arthritis flare-ups and decreased motion and mobility. Arthritis can be especially painful and bothersome in the hands. Peppermint oil used in liquid soaps can help to reduce the inflammation caused by arthritis during the winter months. Try adding grapefruit essential oil to liquid soap for help with combating muscle fatigue and pain.

This week we are going to talk more about additional benefits by using essential oils in soaps, creams and lotions!

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