DIY Liquid Hand Soap for the Holidays!

Impress your guests with homemade liquid soap!

Hand soap is something you use all year round, but it’s easy to change it up for different holidays. Most people will buy seasonal scents to get themselves and their guests into the holiday spirit, but why buy liquid hand soap when you can make your own for less? Just follow our guide to making liquid hand soap and you’ll be ready for the holidays in no time!

Note: This tutorial shows you how to make a gallon batch so you have enough to last you all season! For smaller batches, use the starter formulation holiday liquid hand soap

DIY Liquid Hand Soap Ingredients:

You’ll also need:

To get everything you need for a 1 gallon batch, try one of our liquid hand soap kits!

1. Measure & pour liquid crystal concentrate into the bowlunscented liquid crystal concentrate

2. Add your fragrance oil

For our soap we used spiced cranberry fragrance oil, but any of our holiday fragrances are great for hand soap! Please note that some fragrance oils may inhibit thickening fragrance oil

3. Add the distilled water

It’s important to use distilled water and not tap as bacterial and minerals in tap water can react with the liquid crystal concentrate.distilled water homemade hand soap

4. Add the Germaben II preservativegermaben II preservative

5. Add gel color

Start by adding about 5 drops of gel color and stirring. Then, add more until you reach the color you want. Try a festive color like santa red, orange, or vanilla!diy liquid hand soap thicken

6. Add the salt

As you stir in the European spa salt, the mixture should start to thicken into a gel-like consistency. Keep stirring until all the salt has dissolved and the soap thickens.european spa salt diy hand soap

7. Pour the soap into the gallon bottle

Once it thickens your hand soap is ready to use! You can pour it into the bottle for storage and dispense it into your PET boston round bottle or other dispensers. A gallon bottle pump may be helpful for liquid hand soap gallon batch

This DIY liquid hand soap is great for the holidays or all year round! You can choose your own scents to fit any occasion and impress your guests!

-Suzie Soapmaker & The Chemistry Store Team