DIY – Keep Your Skin Healthy with Handmade Body Butter!

colorful bath buttersYou Will Not Reach For The Lotion — Keep your skin healthy w/ homemade body butter!

In the winter months, your skin is likely dry, chapped, and badly in need of some TLC.   Well now summer is approaching so you will need a strong moisturizer to bring it back to life, so pamper yourself with a rich, creamy body butter.   You will be able to tell the difference when you add cyclomethicone!  All this creamy butter can be made at home! New Sensations Body Butter, Cream & Lotion Emulsifier makes it easy to create your own customizable  body butter or cream. Just choose your favorite butters or oils and follow our step-by-step guide!


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With so many creative ingredients and tools, it’s easy for home hobbyists to create soaps and lotions that have a personal signature. From soap products with a romantic appeal or earthy look to those with a more whimsical design, the possibilities are endless.

Romance It with Color, Texture and Scenthandmade body butter

You can use highly concentrated gel colorants to create a romantic shade for body washes, soaps, lotions and shampoos. Drop by drop, you can experiment and determine the right color saturation. Choose a hyacinth gel colorant for a romantic “Gone with the Wind” look or a sapphire gel colorant for a more passionate expression. Add some creamy butters like Shea, olive, jojoba and aloe for a silky and luxurious feel. Capture love in the air by incorporating fragrant oils like sweet vanilla lavender.

Develop an Earthy Product for Naturalists

With tones of natural brown, earthy black, green and iron oxide pigments, you can create a product that is Mother-Nature perfect. Natural butters are ideal ingredients for those who prefer an earthy texture and mild odor. Kokum butter comes from the fruit of the Kokum tree and makes a great addition to skin lotions and bar soaps. Soy butter is highly refined and ideal for conditioning dry skin. Finish your soap using a well-suited butterfly or flower mold to produce a nature-inspired shape.

Spread the Seasonal Cheer with Scented and Decorated SoapsDIY soap center piece

Apple berry spice oils, autumn fragrance oils, candy cane oils, gingerbread oils and forest pine oils add a scent of seasonal fragrance to your products. With the soothing aroma of gingerbread mixed with orange peel, ginger and spicy nutmeg, users will enjoy the scent of freshly baked cookies when they wash. Autumn harvest oils deliver a delicious aroma of crisp orchard apples and fresh oranges. It’s easy to integrate nature’s best into your soap products. Add a sparkle-dust glitter for some twinkle and brilliant shimmer.

With professional ingredients and the right tools, your homemade products will look picture-perfect right off the shelf. You’ll be able to create a signature product to call your own.

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The whole idea is to take existing creations like these and make them your own by being creative and using your crafting skills!  Thank you again for joining us! Enjoy and have fun!

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