DIY Weekly Roundup 5/2/16 – Creating Soaps for Mother’s Day

Tips and guide for getting ready for Mother’s Day!! Creating soaps for the special Mother in your life is ever so easy!!!

get ready for Mother's Day

“The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Many of today’s shoppers are looking for something personal and beautiful that’s also affordable for Mother’s Day. Instead of spending money on a dozen roses that will wilt and fade away after a few days, or a box of chocolates that will last a day or two, savvy consumers are seeking something outside of the box this year. You can delight them with exquisite, handcrafted soaps made with products offered at™.

Shaped SoapsChemistry Store Soap Display

Shaped soaps are simple to make yet look like they took a Herculean effort to produce. Consider some of the Milky Way molds such as the blossoms mold that features a lush rose or the chrysanthemum mold with its spectacular detail. Select a vibrant color to enhance these soaps. Don’t forget to add a light fragrance that’s perfect for springtime. Create a batch of chrysanthemum soaps in several colors to create a useful bouquet that will last for months.

Embedded Soaps

For something out of the ordinary, embedded soaps are the way to go. Stephenson soap embeds are a new product now available at™. Create soaps with embedded flowers, butterflies or even cupcakes. These would be a great gift from a child to their mom.

Soaps with Essential Oils for MomsChemistry Store variety of essential oils

Many of today’s moms put their own needs last. Let mom enjoy some pampering with handmade soaps that include essential oils to boost her mood and invigorate her spirit. Try a grapefruit distilled essential oil, which is commonly used to prevent cellulite and guard against muscle fatigue. Tangerine essential oil is comforting and soothing; in aromatherapy, it’s used to refresh and rejuvenate the spirit.

Mix It Up and Have Some Funfun glitter colorful soaps

Perhaps mom isn’t one to try the latest clothing trends or hairstyles, but she can live it up with some fun soaps. Glitters and gel colors can be used in any combination you can think of to create funky and artistic soap products. That psychedelic flower soap just might melt mom’s heart no matter what her age.

Handmade soaps are a thoughtful and useful gift for mothers of any age. Take the time to beautifully wrap the hand-poured soaps in fresh cellophane, tie on a beautiful ribbon with an elegant bow, and you’ve created the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your own mom or for your customers to give to theirs.

This week we will look back at some of our own beautiful flower soaps made right here at the Chemistry Store!!

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The whole idea is to take existing creations like these and make them your own by being creative and using your crafting skills!  Thank you again for joining us! Enjoy and have fun!

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