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Safety Tips For Your Pets on Memorial Day Weekend!

pets and memorial day saftey tips

Memorial Day weekend is a big travel time!  Keep your family safe as well as your pets! Memorial Day weekend in a car, truck, SUV, crossover, RV and even boating, remember safety-first, buckle up the whole family. It’s easy to do a pet travel harness, tethers or crates. 55 percent of deaths whether it is… Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day from the Chemistry Store

The Chemistry Store would like to wish every mother a very happy Mother’s Day! We hope your day is filled with love and you are surrounded by loved ones.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!

Happy cinco de mayo

Do you know what Cinco de Mayo is?  What do you do on Cinco de Mayo? “Honor to the soldier, and Sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor also to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field, and serves, as he best can, the same cause.” Abraham Lincoln. History The… Read more »

DIY Linen Spray with Cyclomethicone and Air Freshener!

linen smell cyclomethicone spray

Make your own Linen Spray and Air Freshener with Cyclomethicone!  It is so easy and smells so fresh!! Keep your home smelling fresh all year round! With school being out the kids will be running around the house, so you want your home to look and smell great for when you have guests!  But as… Read more »

TGIF – Yes it is Friday 4/01/16 and We are so Happy!!!

Happy Friday from the Chemistry Store

This is no April Fools!!  So why are we happy?  Well it’s Friday!!!  Why do we like Friday?? Ten reasons why Friday’s are soooo wonderful! It’s HERE! The day we’ve been waiting for all week, the day that will free us from obligations and let us back into the weekend wild. It’s Friday! We sing… Read more »

DIY Melt & Pour Spring Flowers Recipe!

Orange spring blooming flowers

Flowers are in bloom! The flowers will be in full bloom so this is the time to capture their beauty or even make a colorful arrangement of flower shaped soap bars!  Pull out all those flower molds and left over soap making supplies and let’s make a bouquet! We are making a nice colorful flower… Read more »

3/28 Weekly Roundup – April Showers Bring May Flowers!

April showers brings May flowers

Flowers, flowers, flowers, yes April showers brings May flowers!! Interesting facts Did you know that the proverb “March winds and April showers bring May flowers”, actually was recorded in 1886 and as the saying changed, “Sweet April showers/Do spring May flowers”, was recorded in a poem as a common expression in English speaking countries in… Read more »

3/21 Weekly Giveaway: 1lb Natural Sunflower Butter!!

The Chemistry Store winner is

Lucky Winner!! Sunflower Butter is an excellent moisturizer suited for a variety of skin care applications. What you can do with Sunflower Butter? Sunflower Butter is a product that combines all the attributes of Sunflower Oil with Beeswax and Soy Oil to form a creamy luxurious butter for use in Lip Balms, Lip Sticks, Creams and… Read more »

Top 10 Ingredients for Lotions & Creams

DIY keep young healthy skin

Want to know how to keep your skin healthy & young? Curious? It is so easy!  Start your personal DIY lotions and creams skin care product line now!!  You will see amazing results almost instantly! We are ready and prepared to help you!!  Also, visit our Crafting Library for recipes, ideas and helpful tips! Top… Read more »

Relieve Dry Skin with Handmade Lotion

aloe butter natural

DIY handmade lotion is perfect for healing those dry scaly hands!! During the winter months, many people are plagued with dry, red and itchy skin. The cold winds, frigid temperatures and low humidity levels can all wreak havoc on the health and appearance of skin. Fortunately, the ravages of weather can be overcome by creating… Read more »

Get Your Skin Ready for Spring Break!!!

get your skin ready for spring break

It is time to get your skin ready for Spring!! If your skin isn’t looking so fresh after the long winter, you’re not alone. However, it doesn’t have to be this way if you use the gentle and natural ingredients offered by the Chemistry Store to make your own skincare products. With a little time… Read more »

3/21 Weekly Roundup – Easter and Spring Break are Here!!

Easter and Spring Break is Here

Easter and Spring Break are here!! What a wonderful time of the year! Even though we are plagued with heavy yellow dust, called “pollen” now, when it’s over, it is worth it! Flowers are blooming and everything that can grow outside is growing! Easter Good to know! Easter is one of those holidays that fall… Read more »

Going on right now!!! Mega Mica Blowout Sale!!!

Mega Mica Blowout Sale

Mega Mica Blowout Sale!!!!! Going on NOW and will continue until they are all gone!! check it out! If you use Micas, this is the sale of the century!! All Micas sold below cost for final CLEARANCE sale.  Reduced pricing applies to 7 ounces and 1 pound quantities only. Sale prices are limited to quantities on hand. Hurry while… Read more »

Saving Money on Soap Making Supplies

save money on soap making supplies

Are you saving money on your soap making supplies?  Do you know where to get the best deal? Cold Process, Hot Process or Melt & Pour!  We have the best pricing for all your soap making needs! Making handmade soaps does not have to be expensive when it comes to purchasing soap making supplies. Whether… Read more »

Three Reasons Why Handmade Soap Makes a Great Gift

hand made soaps perfect gift

DIY handmade soap is so much more than just soap!  It doesn’t have to be a struggle trying to find that perfect gift for the seasonal holidays! During the seasonal times of year, many shoppers are finding it difficult to choose just the right gift for their loved ones. If you are struggling to think of… Read more »

Encourage Your Customers with Sets and Series

create sets and series soap and marketing personal care products to women

  Need that perfect soap crafting idea for your products and gifts? Create your own sets and series…it’s easy!! Here is some very useful and help information for all your DIY skin, bath and body crafters! If you are looking for unique ways to promote your soap-making and beauty products, think about inspiring others to delve… Read more »

DIY Shaving Cream for Men Recipe!

DIY Shaving Cream for Men

DIY Refreshing Citrus Shaving Cream!!! Give yourself a nice, clean shave that leaves you smelling citrusy. You might actually start to look forward to shaving.  The ingredients used are specially formulated to sooth and refresh!! Come on let’s get busy!  Ladies you need to help so you can try it too!! DIY Shaving Cream for… Read more »

DIY Men’s Skin Care – Handmade Cuticle Balm!

containers & packaging lip balm

Need a Cuticle Balm? Rough, dry hands get brittle and break down…Yuk!!! You can easily avoid cracked, painful cuticles in the winter and summer with a little moisturizing balm. Today we are going to use Beeswax and Shea Butter with Lavender Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil and Vitamin E.  This handmade cuticle balm is also perfect to rub… Read more »

2/22 Weekly Roundup – DIY Men’s Skin Care Products!

Shea Butter Cream

Hey this week we are going to give it to all you Guys out there!!…it’s time for some real talk about your skincare routine!! That “just got out of bed” look isn’t going to be cute forever. It is no different for women as it is for men.  Beauty and skin care maintenance can be very expensive! The… Read more »

Total Hair Care – Detangler/Hair Spray…Cyclomethicone!!!

hair conditioner

Hair Spray-Detangler! Guess what?  The Recipe uses one ingredient only! While shampoo and conditioner are the staples of a hair care routine, sometimes additional products are required to keep your hair healthy. Cyclomethicone is an extremely versatile product that can be used to make not only body sprays but hair sprays as well. It has great conditioning properties but… Read more »

2/15 Weekly Roundup – Total DIY Hair Care Recipes!

total diy hair care

Total DIY hair care products is the way to go! It really can be easy! Making your own shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products can be scary for anyone especially women. You don’t want to wreck your hair, and who knows what’s even in most commercial hair care products. What makes them work? Well, the simple answer is, you don’t have… Read more »

Foaming Bath Butter Sugar Scrub Recipe!

White and Raw Sugar

With the Foaming Bath Butter Salt Scrub being such a big hit we decided to make the Sugar Scrub too! Remember from yesterday…Salt Scrub vs Sugar Scrub? Brief Recap Salt  Salt Scrubs are more abrasive and do a better job of smoothing out the rough skin and much more.  Learn more about our salts. Sugar Sugar… Read more »

Foaming Bath Butter Creamy Parfait Soap Recipe!

Creative Foaming Bath Butter Parfaits

Luxurious Foaming Bath Butter Parfait!  Looks so creamy and feels amazing! You know how good the food pictures of a traditional Parfait look? Well this recipe for a foaming bath butter parfait will look so delicious you might take a bite!  You will be tempted anyway! This recipe calls for a double batch of Foaming… Read more »

2/8 Weekly Roundup Foaming Bath Butter – So Many Ways to Use!

Foaming bath butter

The Foaming Bath Butter is such a versatile product – you can make just about anything soapy with it! This is a Paraben-free base that is so much fun to customize.  You can have fun making sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, body parfaits, shaving butters and so on. Let’s get started with the basics.  Crystal OPC (Foaming… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Last Minute DIY Gifts – French Clay Mask

colored clays for skin care

Make a French Clay Mask in 5 Minutes!!!! French clay is completely natural and unscented! Four colors each packed with benefits for the skin!  Green, Pink, Red and Yellow. French Clays are known for their ability to absorb oils and dirt in facial masks, cosmetics, soaps, and acne preparations.  The absorbent powers leave the skin feeling smooth and free of excess… Read more »