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Essential Oil of the Month and Fragrance of the Month!!

floral scented essential oils

Try our Essential Oil of the Month or our Fragrance Oil of the Month!!!   Fragrance Oil of the Month 1oz Sample Size available, Limit 1 per customer. Save 10% on sizes 2oz – 10lbs with promocode: 10OffPeonyFOM Essential Oil of the Month 1oz Sample Size available, Limit 1 per customer. Save 10% on sizes 2oz… Read more »

How to relax and wind down on Friday!

How to relax on Friday

How do you end your work week?  What do you do to unwind after work or school on Friday? TGIF!!! How to Relax on a Friday Afternoon 1. As soon as you get home, unpack your bag. No scrambling on Monday morning to figure out where everything is. 2. Get comfy. Put on some pajamas or… Read more »

3/28 Weekly Roundup – April Showers Bring May Flowers!

April showers brings May flowers

Flowers, flowers, flowers, yes April showers brings May flowers!! Interesting facts Did you know that the proverb “March winds and April showers bring May flowers”, actually was recorded in 1886 and as the saying changed, “Sweet April showers/Do spring May flowers”, was recorded in a poem as a common expression in English speaking countries in… Read more »

Are There Affordable Ways to Get Started in Soap Making?

Affordable soap making

Are you afraid to jump in and start making your own personal skin care products?  Do you know how much it will cost?  Do you know how much to make? If you’ve thought about trying your hand at making soaps but were afraid of the start-up costs, has new, affordable ways for you to… Read more »

3/14 Weekly Roundup Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and More!


Luck of the Irish!!!  Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us!  Start off by filling this season with DIY skin care, bath and body products. Use your soap making crafting skills!  St. Patrick’s Day is full of fun and creative crafting ideas! This is just one of the many fun scrubs we are making! Specials and Freebies!!… Read more »

2/29 Weekly Roundup – Unleash Your Crafting Creativity!

Crafting Creativity

DIY Creative Crafting is when you use your own inspiration and motivation to learn, create, and explore what you can make yourself!! This Week We will be focusing on more DIY soap making, bath & body skin care products and hopefully with a few extras added in!  We will also have helpful information, recipes and a… Read more »

DIY Head to Toe Skin Care – Face!

natural butter oils

Let’s FACE it everyone has a different skin type! The basics are you first wash with soap or facial cleanser.  Then you apply your lotion.  Sounds simple right?  There is more to it than just that.  You can make your own soap tailored for your skin type!  We would like to take this opportunity to… Read more »

11/30 Weekly Giveaway: Sienna Mica

mica glitter uses cosmetics bath & body

Make your holiday soaps pop! It’s getting closer to the holidays, and in the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you some great DIY ideas and recipes that you can use as last-minute gifts or to help with the holiday rush. To get started, we’re giving away 1 oz of sienna mica colorant so you can… Read more »

Soap Making Oils & Their Properties

soap making oil properties

What to use in your soap recipes Soap making is an addictive hobby, but many people get started because they’re looking for specific kinds of soap to meet their skin care needs. Whether you can’t find any recipes that give you everything you want or you’re just feeling adventurous, you may be considering making your… Read more »

Picking Scents & Fragrances for Men

Whitewater Rush Men's Fragrances

How should you smell? When it comes to making bath and body products for men, one of the first and most important things to consider is the scent. While some men and women do enjoy the same scents, many want a fragrance that’s more masculine. In general, you want to steer clear of flowery or… Read more »

Make Your Own Shampoo Bars with Melt and Pour Base

shampoo bar (1)

Shampoo bars are becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s easy to see why. They’re easier to pack for travel, are great for your hair, and last much longer than liquid shampoo. But shampoo bars are hard to find in stores, and the ones available online can cost anywhere from $6 to $12… Read more » now recognized as Google Trusted Store

  Press Release October 22, 2014   1133 Walter Price St Cayce, SC 29033 803-926-5385 now recognized as Google Trusted Store, which offers soap making supplies and cosmetic ingredients, was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to… Read more »

Making Hand-washing Fun with Handmade Soaps

While many children are drawn to water when it comes to splashing and playing, hand-washing is usually a totally different situation. To make the hand-washing experience more fun for kids, consider making handmade soaps with fun shapes, designs, colors and smells that appeal to children of all ages. Whether you make the soaps for your… Read more »

A Guide to Using Foaming Bath Butter Soap Base

Whether you’re looking to expand your product line or try something new in your beauty routine, the foaming bath butter sugar whip offered here at™ is an ideal choice. Perfect for summertime skin care, the foaming bath butter base is an innovative product. You can use this base to create a diverse array of… Read more »

Surprise the New Mom with Handmade Baby Shower Gift Soaps

‘Tis the season for baby showers as new and expectant parents prepare to welcome and show off their new bundles of joy. While most parents these days establish a baby registry, there’s something special about including a handmade gift along with something from their registry list. All new babies need a bath, and handmade soaps… Read more »

Making Soaps to Combat Summer Skin Problems

Spending hours in the hot summer sun can leave the skin with UV damage that causes fine lines and wrinkles, acne, loss of elasticity and painful and potentially dangerous burns. In addition to using a physician-recommended sunscreen, handmade soaps created with ingredients available™ can help you and your customers enjoy great looking skin all… Read more »

Using Technology in Your Soap Making

Although the art of making handmade soaps is thousands of years old, originating in ancient Babylon, technology is making this craft more accurate, affordable and easier than ever before. There are many ways in which a hobbyist, occasional soap seller or regular seller of handmade soaps can use technology to enhance the quality, durability, aesthetics… Read more »

Top Five Reasons you need to use Rebatch Soap Base

Are you looking for that Cold Process Type finish for your soaps but don’t want to handle the hazardous chemicals that are involved? Maybe you just want an all-natural Melt & Pour Soap Base! If you haven’t then now is the time to use our Rebatch Soap Base. Here are a few reasons why. Easy… Read more »