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8 Things To Do Each Weekend To Be Successful!

success depends on you

Being successful means a lot of things to different people.  It has been noted that these eight things are done by successful people.  WHAT?  We are all successful!!! However, I do think that these things are good and can be done by anyone! After working all week we all love our weekends and here we are planning… Read more »

TGIF – 10 Tips for a Healthier Weekend!

have a healthier weekend

Do we make the right food and work out choices over the weekend?  On Friday or Saturday night does your will power go out the window? Weekends are made to enjoy, revive, rest, play and prepare for the next week! The weekend sure can pose a challenge to our health and weight-loss goals.  During the week, we… Read more »

We have to stop meeting like this!!! — TGIF is here!!

TGIF end of work week

We did it!  How was your work week?  I do believe a fun filled weekend is in order!  Don’t You? It’s Friday, which means it’s the end of the work week. As you move into your weekend, remember not to let your fatigue and stress hold you back in your career or your life! Let’s end… Read more »