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Why You Should Use Essential Oils for Your Respiratory System 4/18 – Weekly Roundup

Use essential oils for the respiratory system

The Respiratory System!! Why should you use essential oils? The Respiratory System Nose, throat and lung infections are conditions which respond very well to treatment with essential oils.  Inhalation is very effective way of utilizing their properties, for ‘although after arriving in the bronchi the main part will be exhaled directly by the lungs, they… Read more »

Why You Should Use Essentials for Your Skin 4/18 – Weekly Roundup

floral scented essential oils

How do Essential Oils work?  Can they help your skin? How Essential Oils Work The therapeutic potential of essential oils, like other plants-derived remedies has yet to be fully realized.  Although numerous medical herbs have been utilized since antiquity, many of which have been exploited to provide the biologically active compounds which form the basis… Read more »

Making & Marketing Soap for Men

marketing soap for men

Men care about their skin too! When it comes to specialty soaps, women aren’t the only ones looking for an interesting, unique, or natural product. Handmade soaps can be marketed to men too. While the ingredients and scents that appeal to women may not appeal to all men, there are ways to customize handmade soaps for men to enjoy… Read more »

Making Bacon Soap, Cold Process Recipe

bacon soap for men

We’re Makin’ Bacon…Soap It’s hard to deny the appeal of bacon soap. Not only can you use saved bacon grease from your kitchen, but it has a rustic look and feel that appeals to men. Although the finished soap doesn’t smell like bacon, it still offer excellent conditioning and is a nice hard bar that… Read more »

How to Make Shampoo Bars with Melt & Pour

DIY Shampoo Bar for Men

DIY in Just 3 Easy Steps! Shampoo bars are becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s easy to see why. They’re easier to pack for travel, are great for your hair, and last much longer than liquid shampoo. They’re especially great for men as they’re great for short hair and combine cleaning and conditioning… Read more »

10/5 Weekly Article Roundup: Men’s Skin Care

Men's Skin Care

Are Men and Women’s Skin Really That Different? It turns out they are! Men’s skin has a variety of qualities that make it easier to manage, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore skin care completely! Here at the Chemistry Store, we provide more than the supplies to make your own skin care and bath… Read more »

Using Coffee in Soap to Eliminate Odors

coffee soaps

If you’ve ever cooked with onions, garlic, or even if you’ve been working on your car or the lawnmower you know that your hands pick up unwanted and unpleasant scents. Oftentimes when you’ve finished your work, you have to wash your hands, then again, and then a few more times because you can’t get rid… Read more »

How to Make Beer Soap

beer soap (1)

You’ve likely heard of beer soup and beer bread, but beer soap may be something you’ve never heard of or tried before. Beer soap is made with the addition of a bottle of beer and provides a great amount of conditioning to wintertime skin. This type of soap is a great gift for the special… Read more »

Homemade Soaps for Soothing Sunburned Skin

sunburn soaps

Perhaps the sunscreen wasn’t quite as effective as promised, it wore off in the water or it didn’t get put on in the first place. No matter what the circumstances, sunburned skin is fragile, painful and especially sensitive. Instead of using harsh, store-bought soaps to cleanse sunburned skin, soothing handmade soaps are perfect for this… Read more »

Don’t miss out on the Shampoo Bar market!

Are you missing out on the Shampoo Bar market? While the finished product can resemble the appearance of a typical bar of soap, Shampoo Bar Soap Base is formulated specifically for hair. Many individuals prefer a shampoo bar because so many liquid shampoos are often made with synthetic ingredients. Our Stephenson Crystal SS Shampoo Bar… Read more »

Making Soap for Men

When it comes to specialty soaps, women aren’t the only ones seeking an interesting, unique or natural product. Handmade soaps can be marketed to men too. While the floral scents and infused petals that appeal to girls and women may not appeal to adult men, there are ways to customize handmade soaps for men to… Read more »