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We Have a Winner For Our Weekly Giveway!!

chemistry store weekly giveaway

WEEK 5/9/16 Our winner will receive our new and improved True Red Solid Color Cubes as a free gift from the Chemistry Store. Our Solid Color Cubes are highly concentrated colorants designed to be used with soap products manufactured by you! Enter our weekly giveaway, and you could win a prize free on your next order!  Just enter your name… Read more »

Step by Step Guide to Making Dry Oil Spray!

colorful dry oil sprays

Here is a step by step guide to making dry oil spray with Cyclomethicone! Be colorful!! As we all know the wonder ingredient for sprays is what?  Yes Cyclomethicone!  Cyclomethicone Cyclomethicone is a clear, odorless silicone based oil. It leaves a silky smooth feel when sprayed directly onto the skin. Because it evaporates quickly, it’s… Read more »

3/21 Weekly Giveaway: 1lb Natural Sunflower Butter!!

The Chemistry Store winner is

Lucky Winner!! Sunflower Butter is an excellent moisturizer suited for a variety of skin care applications. What you can do with Sunflower Butter? Sunflower Butter is a product that combines all the attributes of Sunflower Oil with Beeswax and Soy Oil to form a creamy luxurious butter for use in Lip Balms, Lip Sticks, Creams and… Read more »

Saving Money on Soap Making Supplies

save money on soap making supplies

Are you saving money on your soap making supplies?  Do you know where to get the best deal? Cold Process, Hot Process or Melt & Pour!  We have the best pricing for all your soap making needs! Making handmade soaps does not have to be expensive when it comes to purchasing soap making supplies. Whether… Read more »

2/29 Weekly Roundup – Unleash Your Crafting Creativity!

Crafting Creativity

DIY Creative Crafting is when you use your own inspiration and motivation to learn, create, and explore what you can make yourself!! This Week We will be focusing on more DIY soap making, bath & body skin care products and hopefully with a few extras added in!  We will also have helpful information, recipes and a… Read more »

DIY Shaving Cream for Men Recipe!

DIY Shaving Cream for Men

DIY Refreshing Citrus Shaving Cream!!! Give yourself a nice, clean shave that leaves you smelling citrusy. You might actually start to look forward to shaving.  The ingredients used are specially formulated to sooth and refresh!! Come on let’s get busy!  Ladies you need to help so you can try it too!! DIY Shaving Cream for… Read more »

DIY Men’s Skin Care – Handmade Cuticle Balm!

containers & packaging lip balm

Need a Cuticle Balm? Rough, dry hands get brittle and break down…Yuk!!! You can easily avoid cracked, painful cuticles in the winter and summer with a little moisturizing balm. Today we are going to use Beeswax and Shea Butter with Lavender Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil and Vitamin E.  This handmade cuticle balm is also perfect to rub… Read more »

DIY Men’s Skin Care Products – Aftershave Recipe!

Skin care for all men

Stop suffering through your aftershave! Aftershave is a part of almost every man’s skin care routine, but many commercial aftershaves are made with alcohol and burn on freshly-shaved skin. Whether your’e a man looking for a better way to shave or need the perfect gift for a man in your life, this DIY aftershave is… Read more »

2/22 Weekly Roundup – DIY Men’s Skin Care Products!

Shea Butter Cream

Hey this week we are going to give it to all you Guys out there!!…it’s time for some real talk about your skincare routine!! That “just got out of bed” look isn’t going to be cute forever. It is no different for women as it is for men.  Beauty and skin care maintenance can be very expensive! The… Read more »

Foaming Bath Butter Salt Scrub Recipe!

Foaming Bath Butter Creamy Salt Scrub

Salt Scrub vs. Sugar Scrub? Do you know which one to pick? Salt Salt Scrubs are more abrasive and do a better job of smoothing out the rough skin and much more.  Learn more about our salts. Sugar Sugar scrubs on the other hand have smaller, finer granules, which make a gentle exfoliant that is suitable for… Read more »

Foaming Bath Butter Man Soap Recipe

moisturizing skin lotion

Make a creamy Man Soap that any guy would love to use! All you need is one Foaming Bath Butter base, a Natural oil like Grapeseed oil and your favorite Fragrance oil or Essential oil!  You don’t need much as it will lather up very nicely! Don’t forget! The Chemistry Store only sells the original trademarked… Read more »

2/8 Weekly Roundup Foaming Bath Butter – So Many Ways to Use!

Foaming bath butter

The Foaming Bath Butter is such a versatile product – you can make just about anything soapy with it! This is a Paraben-free base that is so much fun to customize.  You can have fun making sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, body parfaits, shaving butters and so on. Let’s get started with the basics.  Crystal OPC (Foaming… Read more »

DIY Head to Toe Skin Care – Feet!

DIY His or Her Foot Soak

Last but definitely not least…your FEET!! Oh yes your feet, the most important part of your body. You should take care of your feet just like you would any other part of your body.  At least once a week you should soak for 30 minutes in a hot Peppermint foot soak (new!). Everyday after bathing… Read more »

DIY Head to Toe Skin Care – Body!

hand made soaps perfect gift

Alright the body!!  Shoulder to ankle.  Here we go! Here are some combinations of what you might use for body/bath products.  Soaps for example, the old fashion soap bar becomes a handmade soap filled with natural ingredients, vibrant colors, essential oils or a fragrance oil.  You may want to use our ready to use liquid soap… Read more »

1/25/16 Weekly Article Roundup – DIY Head to Toe Skin Care

create sets and series soap and marketing personal care products to women

Do you pamper yourself Head to Toe with DIY skin and body care products?  Well guess what, you can now!! Start with your head, face, body and then your feet! Get your glow back by making it yourself with simple ingredients.  Your skin and body can feel fresh and soft  when combining natural butters with… Read more »

DIY Organic Natural Body Wash Recipe

diy natural body wash recipe

Make your own natural body wash in no time! While many people love homemade soap, others prefer body wash because it has great foaming and is easy to use. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice all natural products to get the feeling you love. With the unscented organic body wash base from Stephenson it’s quick… Read more »

DIY Massage Non-Greasy Lotion Bars w/ Vitamin E

massage non-greasy lotion bars valentine's day gift ideas vitamin e

Get your romance on this Valentine’s Day! Lotions and other bath and body products are common Valentine’s Day gifts, but it’s easy to make them yourself! Solid lotion bars are becoming more and more popular because they offer great moisturizing and applying them is like a mini massage. Our easy recipe is designed to feel… Read more »

His & Hers Valentine’s Body Spray Recipe

diy his & hers body spray valentine's day gift ideas

The Valentine’s Day gift anyone will love! Not sure what to get that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Perfume or cologne is a common choice, but some fragrances can be expensive, and sometimes it’s hard to find the right scent. DIY body spray is a great alternative because you can customize the scent, and it leaves your… Read more »

Seasonal Fragrances for Winter & The Holidays!

holiday seasonal fragrances chemistry store

Find the perfect fragrance for you! Choosing the right fragrance oil can make a huge difference in how your soap or bath and body products turn out. Everyone has their own personal preferences of course, but using seasonal and holiday fragrances is a great way to keep your products current and fresh! Because we have… Read more »

11/23 Weekly Article Roundup: Reasons to Moisturize

Why should you be using lotion daily? Whether for your body or face, moisturizing is a must for smooth, healthy skin, but why? And what’s the best way to apply one? Most lotions and creams contain ingredients to help lock in moisture and smooth over rough skin. This not only helps your skin’s appearance but actually… Read more »

10/19 Weekly Giveaway: Perfume Starter Kit!

perfume starter kit weekly giveaway

Sign up to win a free perfume starter kit! This week we want to give you even more tools to make your own unique products! The perfume starter kit features our popular perfumers base as well as 10 clear PET bottles and fine mist sprayers so you can make your own batch of custom perfume…. Read more »

Making Your Own Signature Perfume

basil essential oil

DIY Perfume with Essential Oils or Fragrance While there are hundreds if not thousands of perfumes out there, many commercial scents are made with artificial ingredients that you can’t pronounce let alone understand. But what are you supposed to do? Make your own perfume? Well, yes actually. Lucky for you, our perfumers base and simple solid… Read more »

Making & Marketing Soap for Men

marketing soap for men

Men care about their skin too! When it comes to specialty soaps, women aren’t the only ones looking for an interesting, unique, or natural product. Handmade soaps can be marketed to men too. While the ingredients and scents that appeal to women may not appeal to all men, there are ways to customize handmade soaps for men to enjoy… Read more »

TGIF! Happy Friday!

TGIF friday giveaway

The weekend is almost here! So kick back and relax with some of your favorite homemade bath and body products on this beautiful Friday! And don’t forget to sign up for our weekly giveaway before midnight tonight! Just enter your name and email address in the form to the right and you could win a free… Read more »

Making Bacon Soap, Cold Process Recipe

bacon soap for men

We’re Makin’ Bacon…Soap It’s hard to deny the appeal of bacon soap. Not only can you use saved bacon grease from your kitchen, but it has a rustic look and feel that appeals to men. Although the finished soap doesn’t smell like bacon, it still offer excellent conditioning and is a nice hard bar that… Read more »

How to Make Shampoo Bars with Melt & Pour

DIY Shampoo Bar for Men

DIY in Just 3 Easy Steps! Shampoo bars are becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s easy to see why. They’re easier to pack for travel, are great for your hair, and last much longer than liquid shampoo. They’re especially great for men as they’re great for short hair and combine cleaning and conditioning… Read more »