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Do annoying pests interfere with your outdoor activities?

flying bee stings man

Weekly Roundup 5/16 – We are starting the first part of our Healthier and Cleaner Home Inside and Out series using the outdoors as our theme. Everyone loves to enjoy their yards but unfortunately so do the flying and biting insects as well!!  Here is a simple and quick spray recipe that you can use on… Read more »

TGIF – 10 Tips for a Healthier Weekend!

have a healthier weekend

Do we make the right food and work out choices over the weekend?  On Friday or Saturday night does your will power go out the window? Weekends are made to enjoy, revive, rest, play and prepare for the next week! The weekend sure can pose a challenge to our health and weight-loss goals.  During the week, we… Read more »

Why You Should Use Essential Oils for Your Respiratory System 4/18 – Weekly Roundup

Use essential oils for the respiratory system

The Respiratory System!! Why should you use essential oils? The Respiratory System Nose, throat and lung infections are conditions which respond very well to treatment with essential oils.  Inhalation is very effective way of utilizing their properties, for ‘although after arriving in the bronchi the main part will be exhaled directly by the lungs, they… Read more »

Why You Should Use Essentials for Your Skin 4/18 – Weekly Roundup

floral scented essential oils

How do Essential Oils work?  Can they help your skin? How Essential Oils Work The therapeutic potential of essential oils, like other plants-derived remedies has yet to be fully realized.  Although numerous medical herbs have been utilized since antiquity, many of which have been exploited to provide the biologically active compounds which form the basis… Read more »

TGIF – Yes it is Friday 4/01/16 and We are so Happy!!!

Happy Friday from the Chemistry Store

This is no April Fools!!  So why are we happy?  Well it’s Friday!!!  Why do we like Friday?? Ten reasons why Friday’s are soooo wonderful! It’s HERE! The day we’ve been waiting for all week, the day that will free us from obligations and let us back into the weekend wild. It’s Friday! We sing… Read more »

Relieve Dry Skin with Handmade Lotion

aloe butter natural

DIY handmade lotion is perfect for healing those dry scaly hands!! During the winter months, many people are plagued with dry, red and itchy skin. The cold winds, frigid temperatures and low humidity levels can all wreak havoc on the health and appearance of skin. Fortunately, the ravages of weather can be overcome by creating… Read more »

Get Your Skin Ready for Spring Break!!!

get your skin ready for spring break

It is time to get your skin ready for Spring!! If your skin isn’t looking so fresh after the long winter, you’re not alone. However, it doesn’t have to be this way if you use the gentle and natural ingredients offered by the Chemistry Store to make your own skincare products. With a little time… Read more »

DIY Head to Toe Skin Care – Feet!

DIY His or Her Foot Soak

Last but definitely not least…your FEET!! Oh yes your feet, the most important part of your body. You should take care of your feet just like you would any other part of your body.  At least once a week you should soak for 30 minutes in a hot Peppermint foot soak (new!). Everyday after bathing… Read more »

DIY All Natural Deodorant Tubes

diy natural deodorant recipe tutorial

More and more people are making the switch to all natural bath and body products, and it’s easy to see why. With many commercial products filled with toxic or at least questionable ingredients, it’s comforting to know exactly what’s in everything you use. Some products, like deodorant, are hard to live without, but with this… Read more »

1/18 Weekly Giveaway: Vitamin E Acetate

skin care beauty products

Take your beauty products to the next level with vitamin E! Vitamin E has long been known for its amazing skin care benefits. It’s often used in anti-aging products and is known to help improve skin elasticity and firmness to prevent and reduce wrinkles. Vitamin E acetate is used in many cosmetic lotions, creams, and… Read more »

1/18 Weekly Article Roundup: Tips for Natural Skin Care

natural skin care chemistry store article

Restore your skin with natural skin care! While we may think we know what’s best for our skin, these days more and more people are finding that many common skin care rules just don’t work as well as they claim. On top of this, good skin care practices and natural skin care techniques can seem counter-intuitive… Read more »

12/21 Weekly Article Roundup: Fragrances vs. Essential Oils

fragrances essential oils difference

What’s the difference between fragrances & essential oils? Many soap makers love using fragrances and essential oils to scent their bath and body products, but some may not know exactly what they are. Typically you can use them interchangeably for scent, but the terms and actual chemical makeup of the two are very different. Learn… Read more »

11/30 Weekly Article Roundup: Thanksgiving Leftovers

thanskgiving dinner leftovers

What to do with all that food? In the wake of the Thanksgiving feast, you’ve probably got quite a bit of leftover food and are wondering what you’re going to do with it all. That’s why our article of the week takes a turn away from soap making and DIY projects to help you figure… Read more »

5 Tips for DIY Cosmetics Safety

diy cosmetic safety

Make sure your homemade cosmetics aren’t hurting you! The internet is full of DIY and homemade beauty recipes, including everything from eyeliner and eye shadow to foundation, cleansers, and lotions. But how good are these recipes? How do you know you’re not putting harmful ingredients into your homemade bath products? While making your own cosmetics… Read more »

10/26 Weekly Article Roundup: Using a Preservative in Cosmetics

cosmetics preservative diy

When do you need to add a preservative? Making and formulating recipes for cosmetics and other personal care products is confusing at first, especially because there’s a lot of conflicting information. Do you always need to add a preservative? If not, then when do you need one? Here at The Chemistry Store, we want to… Read more »

How to Make Bubble Bath Bomb Fizzies

foaming bath bomb fizzies

The Perfect DIY Bath Bomb Bath bombs are one of the most luxurious bath and body products out there. There’s nothing quite like soaking in a warm tub with the bath water fizzing all around you, but commercial bath bombs can be pricey. Luckily, making them at home is incredibly easy to do! Follow our… Read more »

Top 5 Best DIY Skin Care Ingredients for Women

DIY skin care ingredients

What to Use in Your DIY Skin Care Skin care is important to every woman, but these days more and more of us are looking to DIY and homemade products. So many of them are just so easy to make, and you get the benefit of actually knowing what it is you’re putting on your… Read more »

10/12 Weekly Article Roundup: How to Tell Your Skin Type

women's skin care know your skin type

Knowing your skin type is a must for skin care You want to make sure you’re buying the right cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens and following the right routine. Or, for us DIYers, you have to choose the right products and formulations for your skin type. Luckily at, we have a wide variety of products for… Read more »

7 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Uses in DIY

Including 5 You Probably Don’t Know! Aloe vera has long been known for its soothing properties, but this amazing plant does so much more! Read up on some of the common uses for aloe vera plus a few you’ve probably never heard of! Available in our incredibly versatile concentrated aloe powder and aloe butter there’s no… Read more »

Skin care products-how to look for natural ingredients!

get your skin ready for spring break

Have you ever thought about the skin care products you are currently using? We don’t always know what is really in the skin care products we use.  The global skin care market is rising in popularity every year.  For 2016 the estimated worth is going to be in the billions.  According to the growing trends… Read more »

Enhance Winter Skin With Pore-opening Soaps

winter skin

If all that time spent outdoors skiing, caroling or shopping outside during the holiday season has resulted in your skin feeling chapped, dry and sore, you’re not alone. Even if this isn’t true for your skin, it has likely happened to someone you know. With gentle yet effective ingredients, you can make natural handmade soaps… Read more »

3 Easy Steps to Making Your Own Perfume with Perfumers Base

DIY perfume tutorial

If you’ve never thought about making your own perfume, now is the time to start! If you sell soap or other personal care products, perfume is another thing you can offer your customers that they’re sure to love. Even if you don’t want to sell it, by making your own perfume you get the exact scent you want… Read more »

High-Moisture Soaps to Enhance Your Skin’s Summer Glow

As summer winds down, it’s time to put away the swimsuits and beach towels and swap out the tank tops and tees for longer sleeves and skirts or pants. Even during the early fall, there are plenty of opportunities to show off that summery glow so long as you take the steps to preserve it…. Read more »

Soaps for Stress Reduction

stress reduction

Even on the lazy and hazy days of summer, your skin may be suffering as a result of stress. Perhaps you’re worried about what your kids are up to, or you’re anxious about an upcoming presentation at work. Using handmade soaps that include stress-reduction ingredients can help to calm your nerves, relax your body and… Read more »