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Do you like camping? Be sure to pack these Essential Oils!

camping flying insect spray

Weekly Roundup 5/16 – Essential Oils and Camping! Everyone loves to enjoy the outdoors when camping but can’t seem to keep those aggravating insects away!  Don’t knock yourself out from swatting at them; try this simple and quick insect repellent spray recipe!  Just spray directly on your skin!  We will be using our essential oils and packaging…. Read more »

Do annoying pests interfere with your outdoor activities?

flying bee stings man

Weekly Roundup 5/16 – We are starting the first part of our Healthier and Cleaner Home Inside and Out series using the outdoors as our theme. Everyone loves to enjoy their yards but unfortunately so do the flying and biting insects as well!!  Here is a simple and quick spray recipe that you can use on… Read more »

How to layer red, white and blue stars soap DIY!

final star squares with flags2

Colorful red, white and blue stars soap squares are a great way to show your support on Memorial Day! Of course we know what the stars stand for but they also can make a nice hand bar soap to help celebrate Memorial Day! DIY Colorful Red, White and Blue Stars Soap Bars Recipe 1 Milky… Read more »

DIY Red Poppy Flower Soap Bar Recipe!

Memorial Day field of poppies

The history of Memorial Day is very interesting.  Did you know that the Poppy flower is the holiday flower? What are Poppies? They are a herbaceous plant with showy flowers, milky sap, and rounded seed capsules. Many poppies contain alkaloids and are a source of drugs such as morphine and codeine. In 1915, following the Second… Read more »

4/4/16 – Weekly Roundup – Getting Ready for Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day is a very special holiday…having said that, you definitely want to give that perfect gift! Did you know that celebration of Mother’s Day began in the United States in the early 20th century; it is not related to the many celebrations of mothers and motherhood that have occurred throughout the world over thousands… Read more »

Creative flower soaps and kids crafting!

Beautiful colorful hibiscus for sell

So many ways to be creative when making handmade soap or crafting!!…CONTINUATION! Check out our Crafting Library for all of these recipes and much more!! Remember creativity comes from within ourselves.  Again because there are so many ways to make soap and other skin/bath care products, we thought it would be nice to take a… Read more »

Take a look back at holiday soap making projects!

Chemistry Store Soap Display

So many ways to be creative when making handmade soap or a skin care product!! Check out our Crafting Library for all of these recipes and much more!! The creativity comes from within ourselves.  Because there are so many ways to make soap and other skin/bath care products, we thought it would be nice to… Read more »

DIY Green Foaming Bath Butter Salt Scrub Recipe!

Dead Sea Salt Foaming Bath Butter green2

Continue the celebration for St. Patrick’s Day!!!  Go green!!!  Fit right in with the crowds of green people! Between the natural effects to your skin from the European Spa Salts and the Foaming Bath Butter you will feel soft and clean. The Apricot Kernel Oil used in this recipe is filled with vitamins and minerals and is… Read more »

3/14 Weekly Roundup Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and More!


Luck of the Irish!!!  Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us!  Start off by filling this season with DIY skin care, bath and body products. Use your soap making crafting skills!  St. Patrick’s Day is full of fun and creative crafting ideas! This is just one of the many fun scrubs we are making! Specials and Freebies!!… Read more »

DIY – Melt & Pour Egg Massage Easter Basket Soaps Recipe!

colorful eggs banner

Totally functional colorful massage Easter egg soap!!!  Use Melt & Pour Soap with this Massage Egg Soap Mold to create a festive functional soap bar!! This is also an easy melt & pour Egg Massage soap mold and recipe which are perfect for spring and Easter. We did something different here…!!!  We re-batched and re-colored left over… Read more »

DIY Melt & Pour Easter Basket Soaps Recipe!

bunny and chick banner

Eggs in a Basket Milky Way Soap Mold the whimsical designs of two rabbits in a basket of eggs and a chick pulling an egg in a cart.  These easy melt & pour Eggs in a Basket soaps are perfect for spring and Easter. We did something different here…!!!  We re-batched and re-colored left over soap…. Read more »

DIY – Festive Easter Gents Melt & Pour Soap Recipe!

lady and gent bunnies

2 Gents Milky Way Soap Mold features one well-dressed rabbit, and one in an old-school roadster car. These easy melt & pour gentleman rabbits soaps are perfect for spring and Easter. We did something different here…!!!  We re-batched and re-colored left over soap.  We call it our “SoapPeeps” Once the melting and recoloring was done… Read more »

DIY – Putting Together a Special Easter Basket!

Melt & Pour Easter Soaps

It is the Season!!  Spring is a few weeks away which means Easter is almost here! Put together a special Easter Basket with simple Melt & Pour festive Easter and Spring molds!! Our Easter Soap Molds make great soaps for the Easter holiday and the entire spring season! Children and adults alike will love the… Read more »

DIY Critters Melt & Pour Fun Hand Soap!

melt & pour kids critters soap

Kids’ DIY critters melt & pour soap!  So easy mom and dad can do it too!!  Pick your critter and their color!  Be creative maybe have a purple frog!! We will show you how to make melt & pour critter soap in different floral scents and colors using our Milky Way Critters soap mold! This project… Read more »

DIY Melt & Pour Soap Crayons Recipe – Kids at Bath Time!

crayons melt & pout soap

Melt & Pour Soap Crayons for the Kids Bath Time!!! Brilliant!  Talk about unleashing the crafting creativity! Turn bath time into a fun time for the whole family!  Give mom that much needed time to relax while the kids play with the Soap Crayons!  Guess what?  They will be bathing at the same time; just… Read more »

DIY Natural Bug Spray w/ Essential Oils

diy natural bug spray PET bottles

Keep the bugs away naturally! Anyone who uses essential oils know they have some amazing properties. Depending on which oils you use, you can create products that soothe irritated skin, help clear up acne, help your hair grow, and so much more! But did you know that you can use essential oils to repel insects as well?… Read more »

DIY Liquid Hand Soap for the Holidays!

diy holiday liquid hand soap

Impress your guests with homemade liquid soap! Hand soap is something you use all year round, but it’s easy to change it up for different holidays. Most people will buy seasonal scents to get themselves and their guests into the holiday spirit, but why buy liquid hand soap when you can make your own for… Read more »

How to Make Linen Spray with Cyclomethicone

diy linen spray air freshener

Keep your home smelling fresh this holiday season! With the holidays coming up, you want your home to look and smell great for your guests. But as popular as air fresheners and linen sprays are, do you really know what you’re spraying all over your home? With cyclomethicone and our quick tutorial, it’s easy to… Read more »

Make Your Laundry Bright Again with Sodium Percarbonate

weekly giveaway sodium percarbonate

It gets whites whiter and colors brighter! You may have already heard about the amazing cleaning power of sodium percarbonate…or you may be thinking sodium what now? Sodium percarbonate has a wide variety of uses in household cleaning from hard to clean glassware to shower and toilet cleaning to laundry and so much more! Today… Read more »

Easy Colored Bath Salts Tutorial

diy bath salts color

Brighten up your bath salts with D&C dyes! Bath salts are one of the easy DIY bath and body projects and are a great place to start for beginners! They take so little time and effort but the result is a luxurious product that’s great for pampering yourself. Bath salts also make great gifts, so… Read more »

Make Your Own Deck Cleaner

diy deck cleaner

Now that summer is in full swing many people enjoy spending free time outside on their patios or decks. Often times a deck is used to enjoy the sunshine, barbecuing with friends or just spending time with family and neighbors and taking in all that nature has to offer. However, during the months when we… Read more »

Make Your Own Liquid Hand Soap


Liquid hand soap is a hot commodity in any household, and buying it from the store month after month can be expensive. Many people don’t realize that it’s actually quick and easy to make your own hand soap at home!‘s Liquid Hand Soap Kit comes with everything you need to make a gallon of liquid… Read more »