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Step by Step Guide to Making Dry Oil Spray!

colorful dry oil sprays

Here is a step by step guide to making dry oil spray with Cyclomethicone! Be colorful!! As we all know the wonder ingredient for sprays is what?  Yes Cyclomethicone!  Cyclomethicone Cyclomethicone is a clear, odorless silicone based oil. It leaves a silky smooth feel when sprayed directly onto the skin. Because it evaporates quickly, it’s… Read more »

Take a look back at holiday soap making projects!

Chemistry Store Soap Display

So many ways to be creative when making handmade soap or a skin care product!! Check out our Crafting Library for all of these recipes and much more!! The creativity comes from within ourselves.  Because there are so many ways to make soap and other skin/bath care products, we thought it would be nice to… Read more »

DIY Men’s Skin Care – Handmade Cuticle Balm!

containers & packaging lip balm

Need a Cuticle Balm? Rough, dry hands get brittle and break down…Yuk!!! You can easily avoid cracked, painful cuticles in the winter and summer with a little moisturizing balm. Today we are going to use Beeswax and Shea Butter with Lavender Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil and Vitamin E.  This handmade cuticle balm is also perfect to rub… Read more »

Foaming Bath Butter Salt Scrub Recipe!

Foaming Bath Butter Creamy Salt Scrub

Salt Scrub vs. Sugar Scrub? Do you know which one to pick? Salt Salt Scrubs are more abrasive and do a better job of smoothing out the rough skin and much more.  Learn more about our salts. Sugar Sugar scrubs on the other hand have smaller, finer granules, which make a gentle exfoliant that is suitable for… Read more »

How to Make Exfoliating Lotion at Home


DIY lotion just got easier! Lotions and creams moisturize your skin to keep it looking healthy and young, and exfoliation helps slough away dead skin cells for brighter, clearer skin, so why not combine the two? Our exfoliating lotion recipe gives you an easy way to make your own lotion at home with gentle exfoliation for… Read more »

Homemade Caffeinated Eye Serum w/ Vitamin E

caffeine eye serum recipe diy vitamin e

Help keep your skin looking healthy and young! When it comes to skin care, your eyes need the most attention. The thin skin around your eyes is prone to wrinkles and dark circles and requires extra moisturizing to keep looking young and fresh. Caffeine and vitamin E are both great ingredients for your skin as… Read more »

How to Make Holiday Tea Bath Salts

DIY dead sea tea bath salts

In just 5 easy steps! Bath salts are a great way to pamper yourself  and make the perfect gift this holiday season. There’s just nothing like soaking in a hot bath with the scents of the season all around you! Bath salts are also an easy way to take care of your skin as they leave… Read more »

DIY Dead Sea Salt Scrub Recipe

how to make dead sea salt scrub

Salt scrubs make the perfect gifts! It’s that time of year again! The holidays are fast approaching, and you need the perfect last-minute gift for that special someone. This year, give the gift of smooth skin with a homemade salt scrub! Salt scrubs are a great way to get rid of dead skin cells and… Read more »

DIY Eyeliner Tutorial

diy natural eyeliner recipe

Make your own natural makeup at home! More and more people these days are turning to all-natural cosmetics to avoid some of the nasty chemicals that too many commercial makeups use. The problem is that natural makeup can be expensive, not to mention hard to find. The obvious solution is to make your own, but… Read more »

Easy DIY Self-Tanner Lotion/Bronzer

DIY bronzer self-tanner lotion

Don’t lose your tan this winter! We all want to look tan, but keeping up that all-over summer glow is hard in the fall and winter months when outdoor time is limited. But as much as we’ve heard all the horror stories and terrible side affects of tanning beds, some self-tanners and bronzers are just… Read more »

DIY Tinted Lip Balm with Lip Balm Base

DIY tinted lip balm

Keep you lips looking great all winter long! With the cold winter weather moving in, it’s time to start protecting your lips from the dry air with lip balm, but you don’t have to sacrifice style to do it. With our easy to use lip balm base and wide variety of mica colorants, you can… Read more »

DIY Halloween Cream Makeup Recipe

homemade cream makeup

Makes an All-in-One Cream Makeup Base! Makeup is often one of the most intimidating DIY projects, especially if you have a history of skin problems, so we want to make it simple with an easy multi-purpose base. This recipe makes a lightweight cream makeup that can be turned into foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and even costume… Read more »

Making Your Own Signature Perfume

basil essential oil

DIY Perfume with Essential Oils or Fragrance While there are hundreds if not thousands of perfumes out there, many commercial scents are made with artificial ingredients that you can’t pronounce let alone understand. But what are you supposed to do? Make your own perfume? Well, yes actually. Lucky for you, our perfumers base and simple solid… Read more »

Make Your Own Perfume with the Perfume Starter Kit

DIY Perfume and Cologne

When it comes to fine perfumes and colognes the good ones just keep getting more and more expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make your own fragrance line and use exactly the scents you want? With this step by step tutorial you can! Our Perfume Starter Kit gives you Perfumers Base and bottles… Read more »

Easy Homemade Lip Balm with Lip Balm Base

lip balm tutorial

With the winter weather still upon us, chances are your lips have been taking a beating from the cold temperatures and wind. When your lips are chapped and cracked, what you need is a good lip balm, but who wants to spend money on tube after tube of lip balm from the drug store when… Read more »

3 Easy Steps to Making Your Own Perfume with Perfumers Base

DIY perfume tutorial

If you’ve never thought about making your own perfume, now is the time to start! If you sell soap or other personal care products, perfume is another thing you can offer your customers that they’re sure to love. Even if you don’t want to sell it, by making your own perfume you get the exact scent you want… Read more »