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Pre-Neutralized Carbomer


Description: Pre-Neutralized Carbomer PNC-400 is a pre-neutralized synthetic polymer that can be used as a thickener, suspending agent and stabilizer in most cosmetic formulations. The use of Pre-Neutralized Carbomers provide several advantages.

  • superior handling (low dusting powder)
  • quick dispersion
  • simplification of production process (elimination of neutralizing phase)
  • constant ph during all the production process
  • enables the viscosity modification of finished products
  • PNC dispersions are characterized by high viscosity and clarity

Contrary to traditional carbomers, PNC400 does not require any predispersion and thickens as soon as sprinkled into water or water/alcohol blend (upto70:30)giving a clear viscous gel.

Slow addition of the powder avoids the formation of lumps and guarantees a quick thickening. During the preparation of emulsions, PNC400 can be dispersed in the oil or in the water phase before the emulsification step or sprinkled directly into the emulsion, stirring until an homogeneous system is obtained.

The pH achieved at 0.5% in water is around 7. If a lower pH is required, little adjustments are possible by addition of acids (e.g.HCI,H3P04,citricandlacticacid). High amounts of acid should be avoided because of the formation of salt that effects the viscosity widely. In normal conditions, gels prepared with PNC400 neither prevent nor promote the growth of micro- organisms; therefore the addition of a suitable preservative system is advisable. UV rays can cause loss of viscosity in PNC400 gels. The addition of water-soluble UV-absorbers, such as UVASORBS5 (Benzophenone-4), can help for preventing polymer degradation.

INCI Name: Sodium Carbomer

Usage Level: 0.2-0.5% by weight

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