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Pineapple Flavor


Description: Flavor Oils should be added at a rate of .05 - 2% by weight. You can not measure this product in drops. Determine the size of your lip balm by weight and measure your flavor on a gram scale. Example: 1lb of lip balm base would require 2.25gm - 9gm of flavor.

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Product Rating: 1/5
Submitted by: DP
Date of Review: 2014-05-13 20:57:52
Pros: kind of smells like pineapple
Cons: pre-sweetened, actually has a flavor;but it's not a good one.
Other thoughts: I typically do not write reviews, but this is a terrible product. I realized, much to my dismay, that it is pre-sweetened (ruined my batch). Had the description mentioned that, I wouldn't have bought it. Also, it has a somewhat strange taste (not pineapple). Having said that, everything else that I have purchased from your site has been great, and performed as expected.