Sodium Hexametaphosphate (NSF)




Description: Sodium Hexametaphosphate (NSF) or Graham's Salt is an emulsifier, sequestering ingredient, and texturizer. It is often used in bath salts, bubble baths, shampoos, water softeners, and detergents.

Synonyms: Metaphosphoric acid, hexasodium salt, Glassy sodium, Hexasodium metaphosphate, Metaphosphoric acid (H6P6O18), hexasodium salt, Sodium metaphosphate (Na6(PO3)6), Sodium phosphate (Na6(PO3)6), Graham's Salt, Sodium Polymetaphosphate, SODIUM HEXAMETAPHOSPHATE, 99%.

  • Cas #: 10124-56-8
    Na6O18P16 611.770
  • Shipping Info: Not Regulated
  • Appearance: Powder Form
  • Country of Origin: USA
    Grade: Tech

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Sodium Hexametaphosphate 10 lbs


Sodium Hexametaphosphate 21lbs


Sodium Hexametaphosphate 50 lbs