Olive Butter


Olive Butter is a product that combines all attributes of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Beeswax and Soy Oil to form a creamy, luxurious butter for use in Lip Balms, Lip Sticks, Creams and Lotions.
INCI: Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil / Glycine Soja (Soybean) Lipids (and) Beeswax
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Description:  The purpose of Olive Butter is to provide a product with a slightly higher melt point than shea butter with a very creamy texture. It is an excellent moisturizer suited for a variety of skin care applications.
Suggested Use Levels:
Lotions & Creams: 2-5% | Balms: 5-10% | Bar Soaps: 2-6% 
 Hair Conditioners: 3-5%

Total Product Price:   

Olive Butter 1lb


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