Vegetable Glycerin (20lb Jug)
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Vegetable Glycerin (20lb Jug)

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Vegetable Glycerin is used in many cosmetics and body care products to assist in retaining moisture and is helpful in pulling oxygen into the skin. Vegetable glycerin is a natural emollient that adds a cooling effect on the skin and has become a predominant ingredient in most skin care products and soaps. Vegetable glycerin is also the principal medium for the manufacturing of non-alcohol based herbal extracts. This makes for a sweet alcohol free extract that can be easily administered to children, animals and those with alcohol sensitivities. Suitable for food and cosmetic use.

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1,2,3-propanetriol; Glycerol; D-glycerol; L-glycerol; 1,2,3-Trihydroxypropane; glyceritol; glycyl alcohol; trihydroxypropane; Glycerin mist; Polyhydric alcohols; Propanetriol.

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